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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pablo-98872 1 / 10 / 10

Bad or cheep?

It is clear that the director tried to make a film that did not cost much, few actors, only one location, minimal equipment ... The industry pushes us all to make films under this concept, far from the unattainable gigantic industrial machinery of Hollywood. Writing a script, with those parameters is not difficult, the difficult thing is to do it well. Write a good story. That is the difference between making a film that costs little money, and a cheap film. This is a cheap movie. The script is poor, ridiculous at times, unnecessarily lengthened with dull dialogue. The plot is simple, empty, repeated, forced. The characters are not clear except for one. The direction is simple, it does not show any talent. The movie is, as I say, cheap. A very close adjective to bad. Sometimes it would even look the same. Every day it is more and more difficult to find a good movie. What is happening? The imagination is not at odds with low budgets. In fact, that is precisely what makes a low-budget, independent film with few actors very good: imagination. But to get there, a very rare ingredient is also needed: talent. That ingredient doesn't shine in this movie. Is it a bad film? For me it is. But you must see it so that you can make your own opinion. It may even sound good to you.

Reviewed by sglavin-85207 9 / 10 / 10

This movie sucked

These fake reviews are going to ruin IMDB. This is as about as bad a B movie ever made. Don't waste the 5 bucks, I wouldn't have watched this for free.

Reviewed by BarkerMilford 9 / 10 / 10

Copper Bill Rocks it.

I'm not writing this as someone who is loosely related to the plot of this movie, but a fan of good flicks- I gave it a 9 star instead of 10 only because I felt it could have had some cool music, otherwise it was a homerun. Would love to see this turn into a series on Netflix or Amazon. Make it happen guys!

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