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Christopher Lee as Blind Pew
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emwolf 7 / 10 / 10

The Most Faithful I've Seen

This isn't a great movie, but probably the single most faithful screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's great story I've ever seen. It doesn't embellish or introduce a whole bunch of characters. It keeps the idea of Dracula being in an old man when we first meet him in Romania and getting younger as he drinks blood. I remember seeing it not too long after I had finished reading the book (the excellent annotated Dracula by Leonard Wolf (no relation)) and was hooked from start to finish. This is kind of an art house Dracula, faithful to story and spirit, short on special effect and expensive lighting. Kind of like Passolini's Gospel According to Matthew.

Reviewed by flyboy-7 8 / 10 / 10

"My favorite Christopher Lee film of all time."

This film has many flaws and gaffs but that makes it all the more interesting! "Count Dracula" has a superior atmosphere and direction by Jess Franco. Christopher Lee gives an excellent performance as Dracula and Klaus Kinski is fantastic as the insane Renfield! This film is forgotten by today's film history and most people pass it as being a cheap, beyond low-budget horror film, but I see it through a different light. Herbert Lom makes Dr. Van-Helsing so interesting, you can't stop watching. Another great thing about the film was the dark and gloomy sets such as the Borgo Pass and Castle Dracula. The score for the film was superb, and it goes right together with the fantastic film. I hope the people who read this take my word and just watch, "Count Dracula", for what it is. It's a film that shouldn't be forgotton.

Reviewed by moviejay-2 8 / 10 / 10

Copolla should have watched this before making his

With "El Conde Dracula" Jess Franco has made an extrordinary Vampire film. While not with out it's faults, the mangling of the plot and the compressing of some characters into each other, the film is saved by wonderful atmosphere and top notch acting- most notably from Christopher Lee as the titular Count, Klaus Kinski as the Mad Renfeild and Herbert Lom as Van Helsing. Lom, at first, appears to be walking through his role, but as the movie progresses, his Van Helsing becomes so subtly shaded as to rival Dracula for the viewers attention. A fine film that would have benifited from a larger budget (Note the German Shepherds which stand in for wolves!), "El Conde Dracula" can be enjoyed by the vampire novice as well as the enthusiast. This is the first major Dracula film to depict the Counts "Lizard Crawl" down the Castle Wall and the wolf attack on the grieving mother. Highly recommended.

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