Coupe de Ville


Comedy / Drama

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April 25, 2020



Alan Arkin as Schmendrick
Daniel Stern as Glen Stevenson
Patrick Dempsey as Tom / Son
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doobcentral 10 / 10 / 10

This film must be released on DVD immediately!!

This film is an absolute classic and it is a crime that it is not available on DVD. There must be something us film lovers can do to rectify this injustice. This film is hysterical, moving and poignant all rolled into one which is a rarity in itself. For me, Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Stern steal the show as the feuding brothers who constantly clash with great hilarity. Sterns performance had me in tears of laughter, especially in his moments of rage. A great cast, a great script and an extremely well hidden master piece which does not get the credit it deserves. I can not really say any more than that!!

Reviewed by Andy B-8 10 / 10 / 10


This is one of those films that slipped by virtually unnoticed. It's a shame because this film is one of best comedies I have seen. Stern, Dempsey and Gross are excellent as the squabbling brothers who drive a Cadillac Coupe de Ville from Motor City to Miami for their mother's birthday. They get into lots of scrapes along the way, most on the actual car. Their fight about the Louie Louie song is a classic. Funny and poignant. 10/10.

Reviewed by Maisa1111 10 / 10 / 10

One of my favorites!

This is one of the best all time sleeper hits. I have yet to recommend this someone who hasn't liked it. A wonderful, brother film. A nice story about 3 brothers who learn about each other, and what they mean to their family.

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