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Reviewed by tlandais 8 / 10 / 10

« I'm a rice guy »

After studying social and political sciences, Sebastian Doggart entered the universe of theater and then TV production. Today, he delivers his first cinematographic production. Devin Ratray, 30 years old, announces to his mother that he's found someone, and this someone is Condoleezza Rice. That is how the story of the Sebastian Doggart's latest production begins. Devin is going to do everything he can to charm, seduce, court and eventually meet Condi. With a cheesy romantic musical backdrop and a documentary style, Devin is going to travel across the U.S to follow the trail of the story of his true love. When regarding the story, the genre, the cinematography and the production (shoulder camera, interviews) we are made to think of names such as Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock. In 1986 Michael Moore produced Roger and Me, maybe the first "Documentary Comedy". Today, in a TV-reality show, Trash-TV, "eco-socio-political" documentary, political satire period, the Ratray film fits perfectly into this cinematographic movement. One might describe this film as a breath of fresh air for this genre, as most have been far too moralistic and/or satirical; think more of 'Borat'. With faux-documentary filming style and great acting from the lead actor, 'Courting Condi' has left a mark on this genre. In a few words: 'Courting Condi' is a touch of British humor in an American TV-show universe sprinkled with political satire. TL

Reviewed by kguest-3 9 / 10 / 10

Quick Review

The film Courting Condi is an interesting take on the documentary. It mixes dramatic comedy with a typical biographic style documentary, along with a few hilarious musical numbers. An inspiring musician is on a search to find the woman he believes he is in love with, Condoleezza Rice. He makes a deal with Sebastian Doggart, the director, that Sebastian would help him meet Condoleezza Rice if he could document his journey. On his quest to find her in Washington D.C. he makes a trip across the United States to learn about her childhood all the way to becoming part of the George W. Bush administration. The documentary has interviews with Rice's childhood friends to her colleagues at Stanford University. Also, comedic cameos from actors such as Adrian Grenier (Entourage) and Carol Connors. Although at certain points, Courting Condi praises Condoleezza Rice's life for her hard work and intellect, our protagonist is discouraged when he begins to learn from her Stanford Colleagues and other critics about her controversial life after 9/11. Doggart then begins to use the interviews and footage to voice his opinion on Rice and the rest of the Bush Administration. Although some audience's may view Doggarts film as an "attack" I believe that he is reminding us to always question authority and make audiences aware of the 'word-play' and manipulation the Bush administration used to hide their secrets. If the criticisms in the interviews aren't enough to keep the audience stimulated, then the satiric musical numbers are enough to keep anyone entertained. It is part mock documentary and journalistic documentary- think of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Spinal Tap. This film is truly creative.

Reviewed by a_gulliver 9 / 10 / 10

Thought provoking

Saw this on 13 November 2008 at a film festival in the UK. It starts out as a naive man trying to get close to Condi because he believes he's in love with her...touching comments from people who knew her as a child and young adult and more than a few humorous moments. Later on, as the intrepid "hero" discovers what Secretary of State Rice has done to get to the top and in particular her actions post 9/11 the film becomes a somewhat savage attack on her, and sometimes discomforting even for a viewer who agrees with its sentiment. But then worthwhile cinema isn't always easy going. This film is in parts funny, touching and savage...and is certainly unique.

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