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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jhatoy 10 / 10 / 10

Sweet, romantic and light

The movie is so sweet, especially with the actors, chemistry between lucas and mario was fantastic. No intense drama, no akward plot twist just pure sweet romantic and lovely portrayals of young gay love in the midsts of christian values and catholic customs and the challange of acceptance. A must watch

Reviewed by Emptylord 10 / 10 / 10

Chemistry carries the film

I was completely captivated by the chemistry between the two leads and they carried me all the way to the end of the film, even through the really contrived final act. In my opinion, Julia's character's nose-dive at the end almost ruined the film for me. I would have personally preferred that her character was either cut or they'd pursued the fact she was aroused by the couple rather than the bizarre voodoo/satanist ritual she performed. I feel the conclusion of the film should have been an intimate scene between the couple and their aunt with them coming clean as they are kicked out due to the pre-established debt (and needing a reason for Mario to come with them) or even getting kicked out after the reveal for the same homophobic reasons as in the film, but without the melodramatic confrontation scene that undercut the moment. Also, the sound track was amazing - I've added every track I can find to my playlist. PS One thing that put me off ** a bit ** was the decision to have full-frontal nudity during their first sex scene. I'm not a prude ... it's just-- how to put this: they're meant to be horny teenagers and yet during this big passionate scene you can clearly see they're just not into that it.

Reviewed by zimdonal 10 / 10 / 10

Bloody brilliant!!

Such a lovely film, everything, from the storyline the script the actors, all Brilliant!! Paulo Sousa is just Gorgeous, would love to see him in more similar movies, such a natural actor!! And Thiago Cadoza was the perfect foil to Paulo, one very outgoing and open the other repressed and wanting something to break him out of his funk!! The chemistry was excellent!! Lovwd Auntie Lourdes as well, stuck in her own religious well, not even knowing she was in need of something else!! If you're in need of a Really Fun feel Good movie with an LGBTQI twist, this is for You. ENJOY!!

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