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Eve Arden as Ida Corwin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 6 / 10 / 10

lacking decent songs

Its sentimental and maudlin, which I suppose is par for the course for a wartime Hollywood musical but it is also lacking decent songs. Whilst the dancing is okay it is such a shame that Rita Hayworth has so much make-up applied that she looks well beyond her 26 years. Maybe its something of the times though because Gene Kelly look way beyond his 32 years as well. In fact he looks positively unwell and although he is supposed to be sad and unhappy that things are not going his way, he really does look shattered and prompted to overact. Phil Silvers, who i thought would be embarrassing is really good, bit over the top but he convinces and Hayworth too, even in her 'cockney' song does pretty well. The costumes and the technicolor are wonderful and the 'cover girl' sequence towards the end featuring actual cover girls of the day is great. There is also an impressive routine where Hayworth comes down a big blue spiral structure in a gold dress and is caught by a group of guys. Its just that so much of this is really not very good and with a seeming out of sorts Kelly at the centre, the film has to suffer.

Reviewed by Shirley Elizabeth Strang 10 / 10 / 10

One of my favorites

I have seen this movie a few times always with pleasure.Rita Haworth & Gene Kelly were always entertaining. Also talking about gorgeous Rita has kindled a memory about my 3rd cousin Constance Worth (not her real name)who also appeared with Rita Haworth in the movie Angels Over Broadway. She was born in Sydney Enid Joyce Howarth known in Australia as Joycelyn Howarth the youngest of 3 daughters & her mother Mary Ellen Dumbrell married a Banker named Moffatt Howarth. This girl was the first Australian actress to find stardom in Hollywood.Our family is proud to be related.

Reviewed by gkeith_1 10 / 10 / 10

Rita is beautiful.

Spoilers. Observations. Opinions. A beautiful film. Beautiful Rita. Rita was the star. Wooden Kelly, but second banana. Third banana is Phil Silvers, who was a clumsy dancer at best. Sgt. Bilko, anyone? You Baby Boomers know who you are. Rita came from a family of professional stage dancers. She was remade for film, and here she shines in her seemingly effortless dance filmography. Her family was I think Mexican and/or Spanish. Her widow's peak hairline was altered, her hair was colored red and her last name Cansino was changed to the veddy-English-aristocratic-sounding Hayworth. Kelly was not handsome here. Sorry, Gene. Furthermore, his garish green and yellow dance costume hurt my eyes to look at it. Rita's accompanying chiffon pale yellow and green gown, with matching light green dance pumps, was just delightful, however. I love song and dance musicals. You know that. Here, I am still observing and critiquing places that I feel could use improvements -- and I give kudos in other places. I still give this film a 10, however. John Coudair, old and young, was portrayed by two handsome and distinguished actors. Rita as her grandmother was charming, especially in the Pearlies segment in which the poor young thing is rejected by her fiancé's snotty aristocratic mother. This non-MGM musical did not have the polish and snap that I am used to. The use of Technicolor is a real plus, however. Oh, how I hate black and white musicals even though some of them were very good. I figured, what the hey? Columbia made big bucks from the earlier It Happened One Night, so go ahead and splurge on Cover Girl. One more thing. Sidekicks. Phil Silvers and Eve Arden have no romantic attachments. They are asides, like wallpaper. Eve even has Stonewall for a character nickname. I know it goes with the character's last name of Jackson, but this seems pretty masculine if you ask me. Well, you didn't ask. At least Eve has some beautiful costuming and fancy hats in this film. She can play pool (billiards?) with the big boys. More Baby Boomer nostalgia. Our Miss Brooks' Eve Arden played zany characters in many earlier films before her famous 1950s TV show. Was she later in Grease? Rita wears flat gold dance shoes, to match her beautiful golden gown in the scene in which she runs down the ramp to meet tons of men. Were the men all that short in height? I was thinking. Short men. Was she taller? Was this to make her height stand out? They all then crouched down, in worship of her and to salute her as she floated past them, back up the ramp.

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