Cow Belles


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AJ Michalka as Courtney Callum
Aly Michalka as Taylor Callum
Christian Serratos as Heather Perez
Jack Coleman as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mustang68 7 / 10 / 10

Cow Belles is worth watching with your kids, so they can learn something about life.

Being a Disney film, the outcome is predictable, but Walt Disney always wanted to turn out "wholesome" family entertainment. He said that he would never produce any movie which you would be embarrassed to watch with your children in the room. Cow Belles, as the IMDb plot summary indicates, is about 2 spoiled rich girls, who have absolutely NO concept about how working people live their lives and manage to survive. When their Dad makes them go to work in the company business, to repay someone for a major problem they caused, they learn a lot about "the real world". It actually reminds me a little of Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie on "Simple Life", except the 2 girls in the movie actually LEARN something, where Paris & Nicole don't seem to learn anything - they just get grossed out & can't wait to return to their pampered lifestyles.

Reviewed by ali_belly69 2 / 10 / 10


This movie is truly awful. After seeing the advertisement for it, i thought it could have its charms ... but it didn't.The girls cannot act, and they cannot sing either. The soundtrack to this movie is full of their songs, and its not a pretty sight, Terrible story line, unbelievable plot, its one of Disney's worst movies by FAR!. Ally is not a bad actress on "Phil of the Future", so i don't know what happened in "Cow Belles". And her sister, AJ, seems to be just hitching a ride on her sisters "fame", and she displays no talent what so ever. At the end of the movie the girls do finally learn some cliché morals, but this is to late to rescue this train wreck movie. Awful

Reviewed by butrcupbaby89 2 / 10 / 10

A huge disappointment!

This movie was terrible to say the least. I was hoping for a lot better after seeing "High School Musical". The whole entire movie was a complete rip off of "The Simple Life", only it wasn't a reality show. The acting was not good at all. Amanda Michalka had her moments, when she wasn't that terrible. On the other hand Alyson Michalka was bad all the way through. Chris Gallinger, who played the love interest of Amanda was playing a french guy, but had an awful accent. One good thing about this movie was the completely adorable Michael Trevino, who played Alyson's love interest. Just something to keep in mind, if this movie had been aired before "High School Musical" it probably would not have seemed as bad. But it was no comparison. Overall I give it a 2.

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