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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mischief810 10 / 10 / 10

How can anyone not like this movie?

It is well acted. It is well produced. It has a star-studded cast and a fun twist on sci-fi action thrillers. Here's what you do for a "summer fun" movie: Combine a bunch of cowpokes with a hostile alien race, set it in a time period where the human race has no concept of time or space travel. Then let Spielberg do his thing. I've had fun watching this film several times. As with all good flicks, there's always something you missed the first, second and third times. This isn't really meant to be serious science fiction. It's meant to be an entertaining romp that mashes up the western and sci-fi genre, and it throws in just enough action and special effects to make up for a so-so script. If you watch this and don't like it, then you don't like watching fun movies. This. Was. Fun.

Reviewed by SciFiSheriff 8 / 10 / 10

Worth it's weight in gold!

It has been over 42 years since a "good" Weird west movie came out. Now, Paramount Picture attempts to revive the genre again. Did It work? This is my review on Cowboys and Aliens. The plot goes like this; A man wakes up in a desert without any knowledge of of history or his identity. He also notices a metal armband around his arm which looks like something WAY beyond it's time. He eventually finds a small town in Arizona entitled "Absolution". After causing chaos with the local Sheriff, he runs into a dirty, good-for-nothing Cattle owner named Colonel Dolarhyde who seems to own the town. But before Dolarhyde could get ahold of him, mysterious attackers from the skies assault the town, abducting anyone who stands in their way. After the attack, Dolarhyde decides to cut a deal with the man with no name, due to the fact that his armband is some sort of alien weaponry. A Posse is established and they set out to find the invaders and reclaim their family members. With a few exceptions like "True Grit" and "3:10 to Yuma", Westerns that have come out in the 21st century have been far from Brilliant status of the older movies. Cowboys and Aliens seem to mix the two together; Assembling a classic western storyline with a modern alien twist- and it works! The story has all the stereotypical western characters that appeared in the oldies. You've got an old drunk, the young kid that needs to learn manners, a greedy land owner and of course, a man with no name. The writers did a really good job establishing some great western clich├ęs that seemed to be used a lot in the old movies. The characters are extremely well acted- And why wouldn't they be. It stars great acting legends like Harrison ford and Daniel Crag. Harrison plays brilliantly, grunting and growling like some savage beast which the character seems to be. Daniel is quite good to,though there is nothing out of the ordinary to talk about. Good acting in general, but don't be going in thinking that there is going to be the best acting ever- because it isn't. One factor a look at most in Sci-Fi movies is the Aliens. The aliens in this movie are amongst the greatest of modern aliens. Im probably alone in this, but they make me feel like I'm watching an old-school alien ultimatum which is very hard for modern filmmakers to achieve. One thing I like about them is their weaponry. You see a alien armband on the Daniel Crag's character for most of the movie, but as you get to the end they reveal a lot more. They have huge, under-arm Lazar cannons that explode large sections of the landscape which is quite entertaining to watch.The aliens' motivation is nothing special but it wasn't TERRIBLE. For the appearance and weaponry, I think they deserve credit. There is a lot of action scenes to keep the action junkies happy. As well as the explosions mentioned before, we has huge spaceships blasting people, Indians stabbing aliens, Cowboys shooting aliens etc. There is A lot of battles which are extremely entertaining. Im not saying this movie is for everyone and most people will disagree with everything i have just said, but I, on the other hand, can't praise it enough. It brought me back to the old school B movies. I highly recommend the film to fans of Sci-fi action and old B westerns. I give it a 10/10

Reviewed by janus-20 8 / 10 / 10

Oater this world or oater space, a choice of very poor puns for a GOOD movie.

Wow i enjoyed this, partially due to the negative reviews here on IMDb (thanks guys) and in part due to Harrison Ford clearly having more fun with a character than he has in a long time. Its not a perfect film and there are questions that could be asked of some of the plot points, but the questions, such as they are, would require irrelevant exposition, which would only serve to hobble the pace of what is essentially a "Men (and Woman) on a mission" movie. What really stands out for me were the scenes at the beginning of the film, Jon Favreau introduces the characters, locations and situations in such a manner that when the real threat manifests itself, despite the films title, it catches you as off guard as the characters are. The cast are all great, some nice character work from Clancy Brown and Keith Carradine. Daniel Craig brings the stoic, no nonsense aspects of his Bond to Jake and as i said earlier Harrison Ford obviously relishes the role of Dolarhyde. It reminds me of the films i used to enjoy about twenty years ago, that had lively pace, but were'nt frantic. The effects are special, but not overblown or overwhelming to the point where they become the focus thereby obviating any interest in the characters stories. I don't want to talk about the story too much and spoil it, i'd just urge you to go and watch it, because this movie is an honest attempt to try something a little different. Its not Superheroes, its not a TV show, its not a line of toys and its not cute animated whatevers. Its an unlikely, but successful fusion of two genres to produce a film with humour, drama, action and a refreshing amount of practical effects work. Give it a chance, i really was surprised how much i enjoyed it.

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