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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leominosa 8 / 10 / 10

Effective and frighteningly plausible

Employing found footage in a way that actually makes sense in the context of the plot, Creep is the story of an increasingly awkward relationship between two men that feels frighteningly plausible. The film rests upon – and succeeds because of – Mark Duplass' excellent performance as the type of person we've all met at one time or another; someone a little bit too keen to be your friend, inspiring conflicting feelings of suspicion as to their motives and empathy with regard to their ill-judged attempts at social interaction. Seen through the eyes (or rather camera) of Aaron, the only other on-screen character (played by writer/director Patrick Brice), it's clear fairly early on that something isn't quite right, but should he be worried? Despite an occasional reliance on cynical jump scares (presumably included to ensure that the tension doesn't sag – the film is dialogue-heavy) the suspense ebbs and flows nicely and keeps you guessing as to where it will end up going. Thankfully, for a film that always feels like it's building up to something, the resolution is well-judged and perfectly executed. Overall this is a very impressive effort and marks Patrick Brice out as a filmmaker to keep an eye on.

Reviewed by asher-luberto 9 / 10 / 10

Creep, might just give you the creeps.

I have never seen a found footage film quite like Creep. It's a combination of horror, drama, and comedy that is so tightly wound that you never know what to expect from one moment to the next. The idea is simple: Responding to a Craigslist ad that sought a videographer for a one-day job, an unassuming man named Aaron (Patrick Brice) drives to rural California to film a dying man's final video message to his wife and as-of-yet unborn child. At least, that is why he believes he is taking the job. The real reason he was hired, was for reasons unknown, until the climatic ending of the film. There are multiple reasons why I enjoyed this movie, but one stood out more than the others; and that was the acting. Mark Duplass stars as the "creep" so to speak, and his performance gives me the creeps. As for Patrick Brice, he played a very convincing victim of the events that take place. Another thing this movie does very well, it manages to maintain its mysterious and surreal feel, but at the same time actually delivers laughs. It's not a comedy, but has a black comedy feel to it. Running under 80 minutes, which is clearly not a problem for the movie. Creep is a disturbing nightmare of a film that takes twists that may feel familiar, but remains creative and is a refreshing take on the found footage genre.

Reviewed by jackgdemoss 9 / 10 / 10

Terrifying in the most realistic sense

I see now that critics appreciated this film just as much as I did, but I had NO IDEA what I was getting into by selecting a random horror movie I had never heard of on Netflix. Creep takes every little broken piece of horror, polishes it up, and pastes it together into a beautiful and unique masterpiece. It is extremely disturbing and unsettling without once resorting to gore, which was a breath of fresh air. Be warned that the jump scares are severe but cheesy, but for good reason. Horror fans absolutely must see Creep.

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