Crone Wood


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankblack-79961 3 / 10 / 10

Things that happen to stupid people in the woods.

If you like watching idiots getting themselves in deep dog doo in the woods than this film is for you. Gone are the days when films are about people with common sense that get tangled in horror that is beyond there control. Those who use good decisions and still find themselves in dire straits are what makes people feel involved with what we see in these movies. The dread that builds is all but eliminated when everything that happens is because of stupidity. Crap movie that joins many like it.

Reviewed by killercharm 7 / 10 / 10

A new couple meets the green man

A new couple, they just met the night before in a bar, now frolic on the Irish coast, running in the surf, popping into a fast foodish looking joint for breakies, they decide to go camping. They shop for supplies, set up camp and investigate the local witchery lore, all the while laughing, kissing and all the attendant new-couple reveals. In the night their camp gets stolen. Come to find they have encountered a green man cult. I liked this but it stopped short. I often marvel at the lack of investment in the depiction of these rituals. There should have been more than just the one melody for us to experience. The chants were a huge snooze, as were the dress and mutilations. Most of the stuff that happened in the cronery was pretty good. I just want a little more meat in the cultish things. So, me personally, I don't know if I could give this as high as a 6/10

Reviewed by folanorama 7 / 10 / 10

Old dog new tricks.

What can you do with the found footage genre that hasn't been done. Not a lot. But this Irish hand held horror makes a good fist of treading new ground. First off the main characters : we don't know a lot about them but with some strong direction and subtle performances we feel like we know them and what's more like them. So after some first day together tom foolery the characters spend together the sense of dread just rises and rises as they head for a day in the forested mountains and the infamous Hellfire club. For a change we don't want the characters to die. They are funny sweet and human and doomed. The atmosphere builds slowly and the pressure is released just at the right time, (without giving too much away) gears are switched on you and its a ride you can't get off. The story pulls the characters further and further down a rabbit hole full of twists and turns. Comparisons with The Blair Witch are obvious but its more towards the original Wicker Man that this film looks for its inspiration. If its cheap scares your looking for you won't find them here. Everything is set up and boiled until just right. Well worth a watch.

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