Crossing the Bridge


Comedy / Drama

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David Schwimmer as John Anderson
Jeffrey Tambor as Roy Preston
Josh Charles as Mort Golden
Tom McCarthy as Kate's Date
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charles_Bronson 10 / 10 / 10

I love this movie

I learned of the great movie that was Crossing the Bridge around 2002. It is one of those good movies that are rarely ever aired on TV. Josh Charles, Jason Gedrick and Stephen Baldwin make the perfect team. The three main characters are like guys we know in real life and went to school with: One type who played ball and was popular with the ladies, the hot head who would always pick a fight and then there is the guy who has dreams of love and making something of himself. The guys are three years out of high school and cruise around in their Buick which they call "[the] War Wagon". They then learn about a drug run scheme that was brought to light by a dope head [David Scwhimmer]. Aside from that, the movie has some laughs and some cool characters that you can relate to. Well worth a watch. I hope this movie comes on DVD soon!

Reviewed by bitbangr 9 / 10 / 10

Okay movie, but HUGE plot hole

Overall, even though there wasn't much originality in the story, the movie managed to hold my interest and was somewhat entertaining. However, there was what I consider a huge plot hole that sort of makes the whole movie seem ridiculous. The plot involves the protagonists having to make a tough decision as to whether or not they should go through with a drug courier assignment that is going awry. So of course, they are caught between making some "easy money" and the risk of facing some serious jail time. WARNING, possible small spoiler coming up... After they've delivered the money and accepted the drugs, now they are getting cold feet about whether or not to risk trying to cross the border with the drugs (don't worry, I won't reveal what their decision was). All they seem to be concerned about is getting busted, losing their courier fee, their friendship and loyalty, etc. However, the BIG thing that they totally don't even take into consideration at all is this: if they don't deliver the drugs, aren't the dealers, who are waiting for the drugs, going to be pretty darned p***d off?!?! The dealers have paid a suitcase of money, so if they don't get their drugs, the young buddies would presumably be hunted down like dogs. This whole angle is not even mentioned!!! These guys should be more worried about this danger than losing their courier fee which is chump change compared to what the drugs would be worth to the waiting dealers. Am I missing something here?

Reviewed by firebreak9 9 / 10 / 10

One of the Best Period Pieces Around

1970's Michigan- Mike Binder's "Crossing the Bridge" is such an effective encapsulation of that time and place that you might have to check the credits to make sure this movie wasn't made in 1975. This film was among my favorites as a teenager and has a tone that's somewhere in between All the Right Moves and the string of Coppola/SE Hinton films of the early 80's. Stephen Baldwin (in his best performance), Josh Charles, and Jason Gedrick, are three suburban Detroit buddies two years removed from high school. The dynamic and dialogue between the three actors superceeds the plot, none of which I will give away here. All in all, this is a great movie with an intangible quality that cements it the category of my all time favorites. Definately one to check out.

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