Cruel Will

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November 12, 2020



Barbara Goodson as Carmen
Doug Jones as Demon
Emily Chang as Cam
Spencer Garrett as Fredrick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by africe 1 / 10 / 10

Not very good

This movie had promise but bad acting stole the show. Totally unbelieveable acting. The husband was bad but his friend needs to leave acting and work as a stockboy somewhere. The more people they bring in the worse it gets.

Reviewed by jasonvored 1 / 10 / 10

'ILikeHorrorMovies', but this is bad.

After the death of her abusive father, Lily and her husband Paul begin to experience strange happenings throughout their small suburban home, but have the pair fallen under the sinister influence of Lily's father's spirit, or have each of them begun to slip into a state of delusion brought on by their own repressed feelings? It is only by the cruel will of writer and director Arthur Romeo that this piece of garbage would actually be intended for human eyes. CRUEL WILL starts off boringly enough as we delve into the death of Lily's father, and her own dysfunctional marriage. Shortly there after, Paul is forced to question his own sanity as ghostly visions overtake him. The ambiguity here sets up for a decent mystery that pays off in the worst of all possible ways. When Paul finally loses his mind, actor Arron Kinser loses all remaining credibility what is easily the most absurd performance of the year. Kinser is laughably bad, but his supporting actors do their best to distract from his ridiculous display with their own poor portrayals of the other characters. CRUEL WILL is not the least bit terrifying or entertaining. It is a trial in patience that no viewer should ever have to endure.

Reviewed by jdspeer-1 1 / 10 / 10


Imagine a movie where you wanted all the characters, producers, director, extras and anyone else responsible for making it necessary to follow through with this project to die a slow, painful death. this is that movie. another piece of junk. the acting was filled with over the top and inappropriate reaction to simply situations I read that the female lead Marissa Pistone Graduated magna cum-laude from Chapman University in Orange, California in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Performance. What a waste of time, money and recourses, hope you have a strong minor. Arron Kinser, what can I say? He reminded me of those old Kung-Fu flicks from Hong Kong with the over acting - don't watch this movie!

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