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Lori Beth Sikes as Tara Kirkland
Shuler Hensley as Cruiser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10 / 10

God Awful Trash!

It's so, so, so BAD. It's not even a movie, nothing but stupidity trying to make a movie with a cheap camera and ultra bad acting.

Reviewed by omendata 10 / 10 / 10

Rather Good For An Ultra Low Budget Horror

I must admit I am surprised at the lack of reviews for this little gem in the coal bunker of low budget chop-chop horror. Good acting, decent camerawork and pretty good gore effects for such a low budget; this actually beats most of the million pound+ horror releases out this year and has a certain style and biblical undertone which gives the movie a bit more substance than your usual stalk and slash derivatives! Good acting all round elevates this above your usual cheapo, puny budget, trashy horror and puts this on a different shelf - well worth a watch average 5 hatchets out of 10 for this one!

Reviewed by haskel-72951 10 / 10 / 10


Despite a nonexistent budget and a very uneven performance from the male lead, this was something else. Just when I thought found footage was done for, I find this unknown gem. Great premise and brilliant idea to use multiple cameras/video sources to get past the "why are they still filming" trap inherent to found footage. Highly recommended to those that can get past the trappings of ultra low budget indie filmmaking. This is one to seek out.

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