Cry for the Bad Man


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 7 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "Cry For The Bad Man"

The story is a less than straightforward thriller that starts off with cool artistic shots of apparent tragedy. It really opens up to the more tension based thriller that it is soon there after. The concept isn't new, and "Cry For The Bad Man" clearly pays tribute to early 70's grindhouse. Most of what the film showcases is classic "woman versus bad man" suspense mixed with a lot of carnage. The acting isn't stellar, but it maintains a strong enough presence to create recognizable characters, if not cliche, so that the story flows. There isn't a lot of down time or clunkiness to "Cry For The Bad Man". Exposition is minimal, straightforward and substantive. The dialog is short and direct and the overall story arc is entertaining to watch unfold. The special effects are quality, practical effects and atmospheric suspenseful moments of tension. Shadowy scenes blend with gunfire and bloodshed. All of which is very reminiscent of classic grindhouse. Although "Cry For The Bad Man" isn't at the top of it's game, minor scenes where some characters lose momentum, it is a good, intense, and brutal genre piece worth checking out.

Reviewed by gothic-fiction / 10

One of the worst home invasion movies I've seen.

Ok, what is there to say about this one that hasn't been said many times before about other such productions? Clearly, the budget had a huge impact on the development, but heae me out, because this is different on one level. Instead of relying on gore, torture or kills, trying to make something that looks more natural, like movie natural I mean, they got stuck on the dialogue. There are a few such scenes in the movie, but this happens because every one of them is occupied by lots and lots of talking, related to the plot sure, but dragged for miles and miles. It is my first such experience with a horror, where they decide to go some sort of Tarantino way perhaps, with some Carpenter audio and believe it or not the most brown blood I've seen seen in movies. Not related to red whatsoever, but completely brown, people bleeding for too much, yet, most of the movies, no kills happen. The characters just do a lot of stand-ups one with the other, and talk and talk, and yet, they don't seem to be able to talk their problems out you know. Anyway, I can not recommend Cry for the Bad Man, but if anyone else sees this, can they please put their comment and opinion about all the talking that has being going on here. Seriously, I was surprised that they focused a movie on this alone, instead of horror, suspense, tension, something related to the genre. Cheers!

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