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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheFranklyLegendarySleazegrinder 5 / 10 / 10

Needs more Bronzi

Right, so this LOW - go lower than that - budget slasher with a Most Dangerous Game twist does the most it can with what it's got, you gotta give it that much. Lack of funds result in some seriously risible Halloween Store moments, especially in the design of unstoppable, possibly non-human killer Havoc, but those can be overlooked if there's enough cheap thrills to go around. Having a plucky reporter interview the eccentric billionaire who created the murder park (really a clump of bare trees) that Havoc runs amuck in was a wily way to get the backstory told without having to pay for much, too. Said reporter is essayed by Emily Sweet, and she's iffy at best in this, kind of a completely charmless Samara Weaving. Anyway, she eventually teams up with a rogue cop that's wandering around shooting everybody. Robert Bronzi (with a dub job) is the cop and if you've never seen the dude before, the reports are true - he's an astonishing deadringer for late 60's era Charles Bronson. I mean, it's wild. So the vigilante and the Final Girl take on the kooky billionaire and the undead killer and it basically goes how you think it might. It would've been nice to have a more Bronzi-centric story, as he is by far the most intriguing aspect of this whole operation, but I'll take what Bronzi I can get. The script is loosy goosey and again, it's really cheap. But Bronzi is so weirdly compelling that it's worth it just to gaze upon him. As far as exploitation type kicks go, I can at least report that every female actor in the film under 50 shows their boobs and there are a few solid gore gags (top of head ripped off, jaw removal, manual drill through the throat, etc). Not a great film by any stretch, but if you squint just a little, it's got some good stuff. Director Rene Perez - who churns this stuff out at an alarming pace - really did put every penny on the screen. It was only like 17 pennies, but still.

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10 / 10

cry in the hammock too

Why these kind of movies are made and howcome they sell so good is a real mystery to me. its for the blood and gore galore lovers and as to the content , with all its psychopathy and sosiopathy supplied by a mere manic hooded something, that has crashed through a metal fence, not able to remove the barbs and spikes as theyve melted into the beasts face. there are loads of attractive females with bare breast and allsorts, but the beast appears like a twelve year old boy and shadows away from the beautifullness, and instead wrench,stabs and chops the living daylights from them poor things. its not entertainment thinks the grumpy old man, cannibal holocoust from the 70's appears like a oscar candidate compared to this 2020 junk. productionwise its just bad, lightsetting and soundwork are terrible, acting and story are relentlessly missing and wheres the plotmotion when everyone gets killed anyway from start to end. i shall not elaborate on junk like this, just say that robert bronzi appears in this film, and he is the fantastic spitting image of charles bronson, and my only wish must be that some serious filmgiant gives this man a chance in a well written and directed blockbuster sometimes in the future, because he can actually jogg and shoot and hit . its a no recommend to all the sane and sound among us

Reviewed by questiontheauthorities 10 / 10 / 10

10 / 10 because it made profit with no effort.

I love how this site magically malfunctions by the last paragraph of well thought out reviews being written and about to be posted on a consistent basis for specific titles that aren't well received by social justice wussies. But shadowbans and censorship claims aside: This film made money. This film had a low budget. If you think big budget does it better because preachy politics I'll remind you this film had none of that, a tiny budget, and probably turned a higher profit PERCENTAGE wise compared to it's budget than Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters, or Terminator Dark manHate. And I like boobs. If all the sissys who like Game of Thrones because of the dicks would just admit "I like dicks" it would be an honest criticism of the series. I don't like game of thrones.

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