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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10 / 10

I can't do this

The film opens with a teaser and then we have 5 guys enter in a survival bet on Harker Island, a stone's throw into the bay that is supposed to have a deadly humanoid creature. Before the group could degrade into "Lord of the Flies" the creature appears early and often. The drama was limited. The camera work was mostly jerky. I was neither scared nor impressed. I expected the Asian guy to die first. No girl in the group to be the "final girl." Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by tmccull52 1 / 10 / 10


Five imbeciles go out to document their adventures on an island, supposedly to win a bet. They do not suspect that they are being used as bsit to prove the existence of a monster that allegedly inhabits the island. Where do I begin? With the imbeciles that are supposed to be good friends, but who bicker, slam and insult one another at virtually every opportunity? My favorite among these imbeciles is Josh, who singlehandedly commits every stupid mistake and ill-advised action of every idiot in every horror movie ever. Talking or yelling at the top of your lungs while trying to hide from the murderous beast? Check. Standing in the dark and turning on a flashlight so the murderous beast can find you more quickly and easily? Check. Bolting from cover in a snit and stumbling blindly in the woods while the murderous beast is hunting you? Check. Given tasks to accomplish that while help the group survive, but failing to accomplish a single thing? Check. Being utterly annoying and useless while finding ways to infuriate his imbecile friends almost constantly? Check. Whining constantly? Check. Being an utterly futile and useless coward? Check. Then, there's Ethan, the supposed wilderness expert in the group, who can't actually do any of the things that he's supposed to be good at. Let us not forget Brandon, who climbs up a tree to hide from the murderous beast, only to later forget how to climb down again. That's right. He forgets how he climbed up the tree, and can't figure out a way to climb down again. There is not a single likeable character in this movie... not one. As a group of friends, they don't pull together in the face of danger. Instead, they argue and turn in one another, and are pretty much willing to abandon each the other to their own fate. The old adage, "With friends like these..." comes to mind. At some point in the movie, a rifle is introduced. It's supposed to be a high-powered hunting rifle, for the purposes of this movie. In actuality, it's a Gamo air rifle. How do I know? I own the exact model shown in the movie as a hunting rifle. Foolishly, I ignored the negative reviews. I had hopes that this would be at least semi-decent, as the movie "Sweetheart" was. "Sweetheart" tells the story of a gutsy, resourceful young woman who become trapped on an island with a murderous creature, and she is ten times the man that any of the cretins in "Crypsis" are. She's smarter, tougher, more clever, braver, and cooler under pressure than Ethan, Josh, Brandon and the rest of the idiots in this movie are. See "Sweetheart" instead of this piece of crap.

Reviewed by Jeff_Saps 1 / 10 / 10

One of the worst movies in a long while

Where to start with this one, how about don't. Truly terrible acting throughout, cheap effects and amateur cinematography. How this got made, or how this made it out of a college project, I have no idea. I could do a better job making a film with a handheld, a couple of friends and a night in a woods. I could likewise choose a scarier location and some better lighting, and somehow work the effects better perhaps by using suspense and eerie, extended shots with nice angles. In fact I have done, but I wouldn't let my movie see the light of day, because I know it's not at the level that consumers deserve, just like this atrocious movie fails to live up to any decent level of expectancy.

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