Cult of the Cobra

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Bing Russell as State Trooper at Train & Bus Wrecks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10 / 10

The Curse of the Cobra

In Asia, six airmen from the American Air Forces break in a secret cult of Lamians that worship a cobra goddess. However they are found in the temple and need to flee from the ceremony. They are cursed by the priest that sentences them to die, one by one. Back in New York, Sergeant Paul Able (Richard Long), who will marry the actress Julia Thompson (Kathleen Hughes), and G.I. Tom Markel (Marshall Thompson), who also loves Julia, are best friends and roommates. When Tom stumbles upon the mysterious Lisa Moya (Faith Domergue), they immediately fall in love with each other. Meanwhile their friends are dying and soon the coroner discovers snake venom in their blood. "Cult of the Cobra" is an entertaining horror film with the storyline of a group of arrogant American G.I.s that breaks in a cult without any respect and are cursed by the priest to die. The gorgeous and exotic Faith Domergue is a goddess with the ability of turning into a cobra that travels to New York to revenge the worshippers. The negative point of the story is that she falls in love with one of the trespassers. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Maldição da Serpente" ("Curse of the Snake")

Reviewed by gavin6942 8 / 10 / 10

Great, But For the Wrong Reasons

American G.I.'s who trespass in on a forbidden Hindu ceremony are relentlessly hunted down by a beautiful woman who has the power to metamorphose into a snake. While the film gets a bit slow in the middle, the end is exciting and so is the beginning. What made this film great, for me, was the talented snake dancer from the cult. Her face is obscured, but her body is capable of amazing bends and twists. One of the only really big drawbacks to the film is that the audience knows what is going on from the very beginning. We see the men try to solve a mystery we already know. The urge to yell "you are so stupid" is hard to suppress. And they really are not that stupid -- they simply have not reached the illogical conclusion we already know to be true.

Reviewed by twanurit 8 / 10 / 10

Serpent Time

Set in 1945, six American GIs crash a cult that worships snakes, and are threatened to be killed, one by one, for their misdeeds. Back home in New York City, their fates start to unravel. Faith Domergue is amazingly beautiful, and most alluring, as an Asian "Cobra Woman", an instrument of death. Despite his third billing in the film, Marshall Thompson is her co-star, giving a strong performance as the GI who falls for her, and proves her ruin. Cinematography by eventual Oscar-winner Russell Metty is amazing: In one arresting scene, after Faith professes love for Thompson but can not kiss him, he leaves her apartment and she sits - the door's closing giving a half-shadow on her face, as if to reflect her dual torment for him between love and as a hit woman. He and the rest of the cast, Richard Long, William Reynolds, Jack Kelly and David Janssen, became more successful as television stars. Kathleen Hughes is also on hand as a pretty blonde love interest. Not much is made to recreate the era, it's definitely 1955, via the clothes, makeup, hairstyles, etc. But as in most of Universal-International's decade of science fiction/horror classics, which hold up better (and are re-shown on television and released to VHS/DVD/Blu Ray) than their other output, save a few Douglas Sirk dramas, westerns, etc., it's well-written, directed, scored, paced and acted.

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