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Denis Ménochet as Journalist in Orly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackiescanlon-14140 7 / 10 / 10

Very intense!

This is an intense film. Especially if you grew up with divorced parents. Everything's truthful. I didn't expect the film to turn into a thriller since it started like a social drama ala Ken Loach. The last part feels like a Hitchcock film sometimes. The cast did a great job, especially the little kid.

Reviewed by otacon38 9 / 10 / 10

I rarely experienced that

I'm french and this movie have quite a reputation in france. And usually i'm a bit disapointed when i heard people were shocked by a movie when i see it. I'm used to watch korean noir movies or serious subject movies. But here... i was so unconforable watching this, because it is completly realistic. Not that it could happen, but that it is happening somewhere. The actor are marvelous, the tension is great, just watch it, but not alone, don't look what it is about before, just enjoy the pain that you will get watching it :)

Reviewed by AhmedMw2 9 / 10 / 10

So heavy So touching .

This movie gives u the real full experience of abusive person . Every detail gives u what is a normal family deals with every day every hour every second the acting in this movie is brilliant the writing is amazing like who writes this know what is feels like to be in that environment . the cinema photography is overwhelming Such heavy dark feeling u get after seeing this movie tells u how good the movie was to deliver it to you ,

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