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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrealloyd714-741-441267 1 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time.

It's not good overall. The main character, Amy, is a nasty middle school girl who keeps making bad decisions. She can't balance her time between home life and her dance crew pals. She steals, gets in fights, is violent, and starts dressing in bad taste due to the influence of her dance team. Her family has morals. She has none. The girl who plays Amy is a good actress. Everyone in it is good at acting. The plot is weak. It's boring.

Reviewed by Vlad_Imirivan 4 / 10 / 10

no spoilers here.... the 'story' n 'hype' covered that

It's all in the "binding" (cover) a story 'about' very young CHILDREN 'rated' MA ('adults') that CHILDREN 'shouldn't' watch as one 'fan', here, that gave it a '9' (titling it as "Harrowing".) "The caveat is, and this a very controversial one, is the use of "close-up" cinematography of provocative actions performed by children. The story could have been told without the dance moves. I cannot criticize the rest. It's strong but true to life." EXACTLY... a 'story could have been told without the dance moves' but... appears that that was what the 'story's' story IS about. exploitation in marketing very young children as sexual objects anything that may have been 'good' about the 'story' takes a dive.. along with any 'credit' given to it..

Reviewed by ithethirdage 4 / 10 / 10

I came into this trying to defend this title. I really did.

I'm not going to leave an in-depth review because I only watched the film once - normally when I review something I watch it at least twice as to not miss any details, but honestly, I'm not going to go back for a second round. Too many scenes made me uncomfortable. The story was a 6/10. There were several scenes that implied consequences that never turned up. There were also some interactions that seemed entirely unnatural. The film finishes without resolving inevitable questions that come to mind. The acting was 8/10. Fathia Youssouf (Ami) did an excellent job portraying emotions - it definitely leaves you with a pit in your stomach. You truly care for this character, and wish for her to rekindle the relationship with her family that begins to waiver after she enters a strenuous relationship with the other girls. There were instances of bullying in the film that felt somewhat exaggerated, but nothing too outside the realm of possibility. The cinematography is hard to give a good rating with the entirely unwarranted camera angles on our young protagonists. I can overlook the provocative dancing, but I cannot overlook the gratuitous angles that were chosen. It is clear that they intended for this film to paint a flagrant distaste onto the audience. Overall I think the camerawork was excellent, but the intentional sexualization of children takes away everything good about it. I would rate this film a 6/10 if it had been directed in a just manner - but alas, it was not. I do not recommend this film to others, unless you want to see what I mean for yourself. Be forewarned; there are at least two scenes in particular that will leave you distinctly unsettled.

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