Cyrano, My Love


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Dominique Pinon as Lucien - le régisseur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanbench 10 / 10 / 10

Immersive and captivating

One of the best films we've seen in many years. Excellent casting, well paced, captivating plot, well-structured flow, excellent lighting and processing... the craft and effects are top notch. An overall excellent film in all aspects!

Reviewed by MGSG4381 10 / 10 / 10

Cyrano Is Better

I really was looking forward to seeing this movie and I quite enjoy it, although I had to switch my suspension of disbelief willingly at many different moments. When you know how much research Rostand put into his characters and the era that the play is set in, you can't really believe that it just came to him by accident as he stumbles on a courageous cafe owner, a mask from commedia dell'arte or a cute little theatre helper. The shortcuts to creation make for a movie with a fast pace but that has very little to do with historical reality. Still, Thomas Solivérès is charming and Olivier Gourmet steals every scene he's in, Leeb as Volny is just the right amount of cockiness and Mathilde Seigner is great too! I had a harder time believing in Lucie Boujenah's Jeanne, maybe because the quasi love story feels forced and there's no real chemistry between her and neither of the two men concerned. You can still see the movie for the pleasure of the recreation of the ambiance in a theatre troop preparing for a play that's not even written and is opening in a few weeks... but if you have to choose, you'll do much better with the Cyrano movie with Gerard Depardieu, a real masterpiece.

Reviewed by MotoMike 10 / 10 / 10

Homage to Rostand

I'm pretty sure that this movie has only the haziest relationship to the real events and people that led to the production of the first performance of Cyrano, but it doesn't matter: this movie is a wonderful and farcical backstage comedy that does the same thing as "Shakespeare in Love" - honoring and illuminating the creative process that produced one of the great classics. The references and correspondences between the events back- and off-stage to the actual play are there (writing letters to another man's love, the balcony scene, etc.) but one can see Rostand battering this material into shape. Great performances by all, especially by the Cyrano and Roxanne (the final Roxanne, that is!). One of the many fun things in the film is knowing who will end up playing which part in the first performance; the initial miscasting in almost every role is funny, and you wait for the musical chairs to begin. Finally, the staging of the glorious final scene in the convent is a wonder - it's not obvious, but clear, that all of a sudden, the actors and the sets have changed to be the imagined reality that brings the audience into the imaginary world of the play. All of a sudden, we're not in a theater with scuzzy sets and raggy costumes any more.

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