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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marieltrokan 9 / 10 / 10

Observation is only correct when it's mutual

Hidden protection from irrationality is exposed vulnerability to rationality Exposed vulnerability is not vulnerability Not vulnerability is impenetrability Impenetrability to rationality is not to rationality Not to rationality is from rationality From rationality is divide between rationality and direction Divide between rationality and direction is no divide not between irrationality and no direction Not between is between not Between not is between nothing Between nothing is external nothing No divide is unification No direction is no mission Unification external nothing irrationality and no mission External nothing is external unification Irrationality and no mission is rationality and objective Unification external unification rationality and objective Unify external unification rationality and objective External unification is not unification Unify separation rationality and objective Unify separation of rationality and objective Rationality and objective is unification and separation Unify separation of unification and separation Unify separation is not separation Unification of unification and separation Unification unification is deceptive unification Deceptive unification is honest separation Honest separation and separation is honest not and not Not and not is and Honest not and not is honest and Honest and is honest recognition Honest status is dishonest non-status Non-status dishonest is the unimportance of dishonesty The unimportance of dishonesty is the dishonesty of unimportance The dishonesty of unimportance is the corruption of unimportance The corruption of unimportance is the purity of status Purity is non-identity The non-identity of identity is the identity of non-identity The identity of non-identity is the recognition of no importance The recognition of no importance is the non-importance of recognition The non-importance of recognition is the non-importance of attention The non-importance of attention is the focus of non-importance The focus of non-importance is the focus of no power The focus of no power is the non-power of focus Power is the lack of focus Focus is the lack of hierarchy Hierarchy is the lack of focus Hierarchy is the focus of lack Hierarchy is the wrong focus Wrong is the hierarchy of focus Right is the equality of focus Right is same focus Right is same attention Right is same observation Right is mutual observation The 1996 sequel, Mighty Ducks 3, is an overlooked masterpiece, because it's a story about observation only being correct when it's mutual

Reviewed by mattkratz 5 / 10 / 10

sort of good

This was an OK sequel to the Mighty Ducks trilogy, as the team gets sent to an exclusive prep school, loaded with scholarships, and winds up with a new coach as Bombay gets a "promotion" of sorts. The new one starts off like Bombay did, and it will remind you a bit of they way they did in the first movie, except this guy is tougher. I will admit that this movie is not quite as good as the other Mighty Ducks movies, but it does has its moments, like the restaurant scene, the pranks scenes, and the hockey scenes. It is passable and harmless entertainment. You might like it. ** 1/2 out of ****

Reviewed by zkonedog 5 / 10 / 10

Humor Starts To Get A Bit Old

The first "Mighty Ducks" film uses drama/emotion regarding the passion of youth hockey to create a fun movie. "D2" piles on the humor to create an even better sequel. "D3", however, tries to combine the two approaches, but ends up coming across as "just okay" on both of them. For a basic plot summary, "D3" sees the Ducks handed from Coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) to Eden Hall, a prestigious prep school giving the entire team full-ride scholarships. When new coach Ted Orion (Jeffrey Nordling) doesn't seem to working out all that well, as well as countless feuds with the established varsity team, the Ducks (as always led by Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson)) must make some difficult decisions regarding their future. The reason why this movie is "okay" while the others are a cut above, is that "D3" is essentially a carbon copy of its two predecessor. It uses the same basic dramatic formula of the first movie, while many of the jokes come straight out of "D2". Basically, the franchise had worn out its creative juices. Disney movies like this always walk the fine line between "heartwarming & fun" and "incredibly cheesy & dumb". While the first two walked the line perfectly, this one falls off into the latter category. "D3" isn't a terrible movie, but it just can't capture the gusto of the previous efforts. I probably shouldn't complain too much, as these movies are essentially made for kids (and those kids will still love this one), but as an adult and factoring in the nostalgia factor, this is the one where, for the first time in the entire franchise, I thought "this is starting to get stupid".

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