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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jvmugeshkumar 4 / 10 / 10


Santhanam's one of the worst. Heroine was good. Yogi babu Santhanam combo didn't work.

Reviewed by moulipri 1 / 10 / 10

100rs Kassa thirupi kudunga daa..

Santhanam should seriously think about going back to comedy roles. Movie is a cancer to tamil film industry. Stop making these ridiculous cluless logicless movies. Hope this is the directors' first and last movie for the sake of Tamil cinema. I'm giving two stars only for rittikka sen, and for her costume;-). Comedy doesn't work at all. Overall Nothing. Do not watch this movie. I seriously don't know why the people in theatre are laughing. Pathetic.

Reviewed by nickraman-27699 1 / 10 / 10

Dagaalty is rightfully my response to this film.

Goundamani, should he ever pick up tamil films to watch (he's famously said he's never ever watched tamil films, including his own and much prefers Hollywood films), would be mouthing the aforementioned title upon seeing this. A much bigger insult than using the trademarked punch from the thespian comedian (still talking about Goundamani) is using the "Okkadu/Ghilli" road trip-kidnap and run-trope without any weight or reason just lets the film waste minutes (can't say "reels" in this "digital age) while the director attempts to shoehorn in Mumbai gangs being obsessive over the heroine's face and features. As usual, this is another attempt at making a masala (an undercooked one) by keeping it stale/simple and stupid, it makes Rohit Shetty's films look like a doctorate thesis. Also, what's the point of casting Mumbai actors in a Tamil film if A) they are going to be mouthing Hindi when in post, they'll be dubbed over in Tamil and B) our tamil actors speak a smattering of Hindi without going all "Ek Gaon mein, Ek Kissan (a famous satire on Tamilian's struggling to speak Hindi from Bhagyaraj's "Indru Poi Naalai Vaa.) This is the exact problem the Rajinikanth-AR Murugadoss "DARBAR" faced (will review that shortly.) To Santhanam, this hero avatar of yours is pathetic. Baring "Inimey Nangathan", the sorry plate of your following films sadly don't hold a candle to your caliber of mouthing sarcastic punches like in your earlier films as a comedian. If Vivek and Vadivel couldn't make it as solo leads (well poor Vivek had a Solli Adippen still stuck in cans while Vadivel post Pulikesi hasn't made a mark), you should probably take a hint and look to make a return to playing the comedian, your strong suits. Dear producers, please pay Santhanam his hero-rate if you can convince him to return to being the comedian. Spare us the heroisms. It's bad enough Sathish and Yogi Babu are still employed in the name of comedy.

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