Dangerous Lies


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Elliott Gould as Ronald 'Ron' Devereaux
Sasha Alexander as Adeline Kane Wilson 1 episode, 2020
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kristinesklarz 1 / 10 / 10

I wanted to bang my head in the wall over and over

Believe the negative reviews. What were you thinking Netflix???

Reviewed by bloodyleo 1 / 10 / 10

Utterly Senseless

If chatting with your good-for-nothing husband calmly for minutes after a lifeless body was found in the attic sounds logical, then go ahead and watch.

Reviewed by wheredidmylifego 1 / 10 / 10

This movie was a dangerous lie

-Best actor in this movie was the pigeon! Please see his work between 1:19:00-1:20:00...if it wasn't for this pigeon I wouldn't have finished the movie. -Script was below par.There was no connection between the diner and Leonard, yet the movie made it seem like there was because the detective was sus over the smallest details -Unnecessary characters who somehow had everything to do with the plot -Camila Mendes' character "Katie" was not effectively portrayed in the scene where her husband died. While her crying was expected to be below basic, it was not expected to be THIS poor. -This movie would have only been 40 minute long if "Katie" was not indecisive and didn't repeat questions that were already answered. Camila's character also continuously dodged questions like "where are the diamonds" as if those gun shots damaged her eardrums. I know the writers did it for suspense, but it did not work out well. -Diamonds appeared as if you were mining in minecraft when the sprinklers hit them. Poor edit! -Overall, Dangerous Lies would have been good if you threw away the cast and script!

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