Dare to Be Wild

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April 6, 2019


Alex Macqueen as Prison Governor
Christine Marzano as Charlotte 'Shah' Heavey
Emma Greenwell as Mary Reynolds
Tom Hughes as Steven Fredericks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bondcassie 10 / 10 / 10

A movie about the incredible importance of our connection to nature

Nature is mankinds way of being able to feel something that is completely lost in our modern world. New Yorkers get fearful when they go into national parks. This is because they have become so disconnected with the energy of nature they see it as a threat. This movie is a sweet way of showing that connection. Without this connection to the wild, our world is dying because we didn't know how important it is. This movie has been canned by reviewers who themselves are disconnected. If you can understand what I am saying then ignore their reviews and watch this movie. This movie also demonstrates the strength of goals, goals that are for all humanity not just for the the greedy few.

Reviewed by Lucifer 10 / 10 / 10

I love nature!

This movie is so beautiful, based on a true story. this movie shows you the true beauty of the wild nature. This sappy, in every sense, based-on-a-true story drama tells the story of how Irish landscape designer Mary Reynolds (played by Emma Greenwell) came to compete at the 2002 Chelsea flower show. Reynolds' entry was a Celtic-themed space made with mature hawthorn trees, weathered stone, wildflowers and lots of waffle about the sanctity of untamed nature. The underlying Eco-message is laudable, and the filmmakers deserve respect for getting a movie about garden design financed at all, but they do lay the sentiment on thick with a bulldozer, smothering the good bits with a dense compost of mawkishness and cliché. Consequently, Reynolds comes across here not just as an iconoclastic outsider but as a hippie sprite with Timotei-advert hair who must go to battle with the punctilious tweed-suited upper-class twits who control the Chelsea floor show. Meanwhile, her romantic entanglement with garden builder and part-time fiddle-player Christy Collard (Tom Hughes) becomes an Out of Africa-style love across continents. At least the gardens are, as you would expect, spectacularly beautiful. Thanks to the Japaness writer who still works for Utopia and donating money.

Reviewed by Bee L 10 / 10 / 10

A beautiful, refreshing, inspiring film!

I absolutely loved this film and was pleasantly surprised to see the part on the travel to Lalibela! The film might be based on a true story, about the adventures of a young, nature loving Irish woman who sets out to create and preserve natural sacred spaces (i.e. Celtic Sanctuary, etc.) The story takes place in Ireland, England, and in the high-hills of Ethiopia at a sacred site called Lalibela. For those with green sensibilities and appreciation for travel, especially to remote places that we don't get much exposed to, then this film is quite a treat! The landscape in the high-hills of Ethiopia, the natural lifestyles, the people, the costumes, the religious ceremonies etc. were all beautiful to see. The film is well done with a great cast and its message is simple but potent.

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