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Ben Affleck as Larry Gigli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bensonmum2 3 / 10 / 10

"He paid in fluke. Fluke is a fish, Matt."

Blinded as a child when a vat of radioactive goo hits his face, Matt Murdock discovers his other senses have been uber-heightened. As he grows, he trains as a fighter and learns to use his newly found powers to fight for good. That "good" includes bringing down Kingpin – the city's biggest crime lord and the man ultimately responsible for the death of his love, Elektra. This was a first time viewing for me. It may not be fair, but watching the 2003 Daredevil film in 2017, it's impossible not to compare it with the Netflix series. Let's see – they both, obviously, feature the blind titular hero. They both feature a ruthless criminal named Kingpin. They both feature a love interest / fighter named Electra. And they both feature a lot of fight scenes. But beyond these superficial similarities, the movie and the series couldn't be more different. Ben Affleck looks horribly stiff – especially in his fight scenes. His movements are unnatural. Michael Clark Duncan might have been a wonderful actor, but like Affleck, he's also stiff - too stiff to be an effective Kingpin. I don't think the weight he gained for the role did him any favors. As bad as Affleck looks in the fight scenes, Jennifer Garner as Elektra is even worse. She looks like someone in an aerobic kickboxing class, not someone who could actually hurt you in a fight. Finally, while both films feature a ton of fighting, the stuff in the movie is child's play in comparison with the brutality displayed in the series. The fight scenes from Netflix's Daredevil are miles better and way more convincing. If all that weren't bad enough, the 2003 movie also features an over- the-top Colin Farrell as Bullseye (and I don't mean over-the-top in a good way like I often do), a duller than dirt screenplay (boring), and a lot of bad CGI (the movie looks horrible). To put it bluntly, the movie stinks. I'm being terribly generous by giving it a 3/10.

Reviewed by DCfan 3 / 10 / 10

Dark, Gritty and boring

I saw this movie before my summer holidays finished and boy this movie was just bad. The acting, however, was good but I just found the actual movie just boring and uninteresting. The movie just kicks off straight away in the fight scene before his fight with The Kingpin or rather Bullseye. The film is just bazaar because Matt Murdock's dad get's killed, Bullseye kills Electraza's dad but Daredevil gets the blame, but bullseye kills her too. But the film is cleaver on some parts like in the final fight. Ben Affleck was good as Daredevil but he is in his right shoes now as Batman and Micheal Clarke Duncan RIP he was good as well as Kingpin.

Reviewed by DylanW 3 / 10 / 10

One of the worst Marvel films ever created!

Cliché followed by cliché, Daredevil has fallen short of the line currently necessary to belong in the film industry. The film is tedious and much too long, with too many false-endings and self-realisations for all characters. Furthermore, the characters are completely frustrating and annoying! So annoying that you manage to develop hate for basically all of them. As mentioned, false-endings are evident, with over-the-top fight sequences and terrible choreography. It is absolutely cringe-worthy. The acting is atrocious (especially for the antagonists of the film). Stay away from the film; a suggestion: go watch paint dry on a wall instead!

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