Dark of the Sun


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War

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Jim Brown as Self
Kenneth More as Smith
Rod Taylor as Jack Janiero
Yvette Mimieux as Grace Harvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by torbjorn-4 10 / 10 / 10

Simply Brilliant

This movie is my all-time favorite by far. I saw it on PBS a few years back, and had to buy it. Now whenever I get bored I pull it out. This movie just can't go wrong. Just a few elements to keep in mind: Mercenaries, an Armoured Train, a Nazi, Diamonds, Goofy UN Soldiers, a Drunk doctor, Yvette Mimeux, Jim Brown, a Moral ending, a chain saw fight, and more then a few scenes and lines that make you wonder why you never heard of this movie before. Rod Taylor is perfect for the lead role in this movie with such lines as: "Why don't you put that Swastika back on....you've earned it!"...I can't say enough about this movie. The book by Wilbur Smith "Train From Katanga" is an excellent read as well.

Reviewed by bwaynef 7 / 10 / 10

Rod Taylor's best

A nasty and terrific gem of an action movie, the best of Rod Taylor's career. Very exciting, expertly acted, and with a beautiful score that sounds like it was done by Maurice Jarre (it wasn't). Highly recommended.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10 / 10

Spectacular and violent motion picture about African wars and intervention of avaricious mercenaries

This Africa-set picture concerns about some mercenaries (Rod Taylor, Jim Brown and Peter Carsten) hired by a Congo leader (Calvin Lockhart) to retrieve diamonds from a besieged city by the Simbas . As the movie's MacGuffin is a cache of uncut diamonds valued at US $50 million . They risk their lives facing off nasties and rebel warriors ; confronting several dangers and adventures . Besides , they must help out various inhabitants (Ivette Mimieux , Andre Morrell and others) lay siege and only backed by a boozer doctor (Kenneth Moore). Meanwhile , a locomotive travels through a treacherous countryside in Africa taking on a lot of risks . The movie is based on real events and dealing with a train-in-peril across hostile landscapes . From start to finish the exciting warlike action is nonstop . In the movie there is tension , suspense , emotion , frenetic action and a little bit of violence when the fights happen ; besides , being fast movement , for that reason results to be entertaining . The movie was made and released about three years after its source novel "Dark of the Sun" by Wilbur Smith had been first published in 1965 . The book was Smith's second novel with this film being the first ever screen adaptation of a Wilbur Smith story and being adapted by screen-writer Ranald MacDougall . Based on historical facts ; thus , creating the independence Republic Congo (1960) with Lumumba , though later there took place a state coup by Mobutu Sese Seko . Tshombe proclaimed the Republic Katanga with the supporting of mercenaries , mine companies and European countries . The civil war bursts and causes destruction , starvation , rampage and millions of deaths . In fact , publicity for this picture declared that it was the first major motion picture to examine the Congo Rebellion which is aka the Congo Crisis aka the Congo Uprising . Rod Taylor as the tough and two-fisted mercenary is top-notch . However , Clint Walker was the early choice for the lead Captain Bruce Curry role which in the end was cast with Rod Taylor . Ivette Mimieux is enticing and marvelous . This movie re-unites Rod Taylor with Yvette Mimieux eight years after they co-starred in 1960's "The Time Machine" . Furthermore , Jim Brown as the loyal and hunk pal is splendid and agreeable appearance by Kenneth Moore as drunken doctor . Special mention for Peter Carsten who interprets a first-rate villain . Original and thrilling Music by Jacques Loussier , including catching leitmotif . Edward Scaife cinematography is colorful and glittering , as it is splendidly reflected on the awesome jungle outdoors . Picture was lavishly produced by George Englund and well directed by Jack Cardiff , famous cameraman who photographed a lot of classic films . Rating : Above average . Very well worthwhile seeing .

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