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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nochturne 6 / 10 / 10

This movie is actually quite good if you throw away your preconceived notions.

The reviews who say that this movie is bad, boring, and the characters are unlikeable simply expect a different kind of movie and have forgotten the joy in a drama with thrilling elements. This is not "Mission Impossible: Panties in a Twist" or whatever the latest incarnation is. (And I do enjoy those!) This movie is is a character study, an abundance of beautiful cinematography, and a shark chasing thriller all in one. There is a sense of realism, especially with the interactions between the characters, who react in line with their own backstories- characters who are simultaneously heroic, anti-heroic, brilliant, and ridiculously self absorbed and stupid. Additionally, Dark Tide perfectly captured the sense of sheer peace and quiet that consumes you once your head is below the waves in the open ocean. I've been scuba diving all over the world, and driven a boat like in this movie. The movie captured the sense of reverence in the water and for the water, and took me far away to reefs of my own past. Is it thrilling? Absolutely- the action scenes were tense, and you felt the weight of the sharks gliding silently just inches away. Is it slower? I was never bored. I enjoyed the characters, flaws and all. In the end, if anything, I wanted more closure and final introspection. But that is the only thing I found lacking. If you remotely like the ocean and treat it as a thriller with a slower burn, you will enjoy the movie. 6 1/2 stars.

Reviewed by BreakawayDaily 1 / 10 / 10

Dark Tide: Hard To Take A Bite Out Of

I was looking forward to seeing DARK TIDE because I love shark movies, even though typically you've seen one, you've seen them all! I have even tried to see some of those ridiculous B shark movies where you wonder how they ever got the funding to be made! The same question is posed to this film, and why Halle Berry (an Oscar winner) signed on. The film isn't terrible, but it fails to bring much new new to the table. Unlike "Deep Blue Sea," a good shark movie since "Jaws," this one ends leaving you almost frustrated. Berry plays Kate Mathieson, a marine biologist who was once called "the shark whisperer," but hasn't been back in the water since the death of her mentor. That is until a rich Englishman and his son wants to pay her $100,000 so they can swim with sharks. Her husband (Martinez) talks her into it, and while she doesn't promise the Englishman exactly what he wants, she still takes the loonies out on the boat with her crew and from there just make a series of stupid choices. She is supposed to be our movies heroin, a smart woman, yet she agrees to this even though she has already lost someone to a shark. Why would she want to be responsible for more? I am sure she could have found the money another way. While the story isn't exactly predictable you still don't know why they are even in the water in the first place dealing with this stubborn man whom they know nothing about, amidst the sharks mating season. Then after an argument breaks out they decide to go to the most shark infested area of all. Stupid! By this point you really don't care that much about its characters since there development is only paper-thin. I like the fact that "Dark Tide" takes place in South Africa instead of the typical US beach locations. Unknown to me, it has the largest shark population in the world. There are times during the film where you are not sure what kind of film you are watching - a drama? a thriller? a love story? If it was supposed to be a thriller it had some shocking moments but not scary enough to really break new ground. Nothing in regards to shark attacks we haven't already seen before. I am not sure why two great actors signed off on this film, it wasn't a waste of time but it wasn't the best either. Breakaway Film http://breakawayradio.ca/film

Reviewed by katex-320-709015 1 / 10 / 10

I was rooting for the sharks....

.... and wishing they'd arrive soon and gobble up the entire cast of this terminally boring movie. But, alas, they didn't; and the thing dragged on and on interminably... until, after what felt like an eternity, it finally reached its always predictable, anticlimactic climax. What can we say about the cast? It would perhaps be more accurate to describe them as the miscast. Halle Berry looks great. If I went through what she went through in this movie I'd look like something the cat brought in. But even at her most artistically bedraggled, Berry looks as if she could just slip into a D&G dress and sashay down the catwalk in Paris or Milan. Boat skippers have wind-washed complexions. Throughout this movie Berry always looks as if she could have just stepped out of the beauty parlor, with her perfect eye-liner, her manicured nails and her perfect tan. Her hair gets tousled every now and then, but that's about the extent of her dishevelment. If they wanted me to believe that she was the head of a model agency, or the editor of a woman's magazine, I might have bought it. But a shark expert who spends half her life on a boat? No way, Jose. And the rest of the miscast were no more believable. In fairness, the cinematography was excellent. The sharks were great, too. But they arrived about an hour and twenty minutes too late, for which they will not be lightly forgiven by anyone who got suckered into wasting 94 minutes of their life watching this god awful movie.

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