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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10 / 10

Surreal n atmospheric but a bad n confusing film.

I saw this first on a VHS in the mid 90s. I never understood the film then. Found it to be one helluva weird stuff. Revisited it recently on a pirated DVD after reading many glowing reviews n the cult following. Honestly, now i found it to be meh. As i mentioned in my review of the movie A cure for wellness that cinematography n atmosphere ain't enough to save a bad film. Apart from the imagery like the cathedral's location, the village, the atmosphere of constant raining n murky weather, the weird characters, the leaking cathedral with its dripping water, the cliff n the setting sun, the catacombs with their candles n the enigmatic passageways, there ain't anything good about this film. In fact, there is no music, very few dialogues n the story is really confusing. Strange things seems to happen for no reason. The actress was attractive though.

Reviewed by hippiedj 9 / 10 / 10

Effectively atmospheric, an homage to earlier Italian-style horror

Ah, no wonder I had trouble finding this little gem -- when films are retitled depending on which company handles it, it's a wonder anyone will find them at all. I luckily stumbled across it as DEAD WATERS on a very no-frills DVD from York Entertainment. At that time I had wished that a company like Anchor Bay would have acquired this wonderful film and given it a decent treatment, I'm at least grateful that I found it at all even in this form. UPDATE: Thankfully due to the folks at No Shame Films, it's now available on DVD in widescreen and full of extras. UPDATE: May 1, 2016. The No Shame Films DVD releases are now out of print, but accessible (at higher prices, of course). For those looking for fast and cheap thrills, they will be sorely disappointed by Dark Waters/Dead Waters. For those with a true sense of appreciation for something more akin to art, then this film is a dream come true. Rich in style and atmosphere it has the look and feel of an early 1970s Italian horror film, yet unlike many of those kind that offered style over substance, it has an eerie story to support the murky atmosphere that will draw you in. After the death of her father, Elizabeth (Louise Salter) travels to a Crimean island to find out why her father had been sending funds to a "convent" of sorts. There she befriends one (who could easily be mistaken for Meg and Jennifer Tilly's lost sister) who guides her around and shows her secrets. This leads to a shocking discovery of her past and heritage. All this is conveyed in an amazingly sparse amount of dialogue, so it really shows this film's power and presence that it tells the story so minimally, letting the viewer absorb the visuals and sounds and letting those elements fill in the blanks. The nuns are creepy, it's always raining and murky, and inside the catacombs of the main setting there's always water leaking and trickling. This effectively evokes a feeling of discomfort for the viewer. Even when the weather is clear there's a surreal atmosphere as best shown by the local shop and its shopkeeper, a strange man that seems to be feeding a corpse in a coffin to the birds piece by piece instead of the expected burial. I have a suspicion that the "townspeople" don't know he's doing this. I found that part of the story deliciously creepy and brilliant. Some may find the "monster" climax to be somewhat low budget -- very minor, though (didn't the "being" have an Xtro quality to it?), but frankly that didn't bother me since the whole film was so wonderfully downright bizarre to begin with. There was so much more going on if you look past the flaws, you'd see that this is a real piece of art for those of us that sometimes like a bit of beauty and substance to absorb. This is classic Gothic horror and gives the brain a bit of a challenge as well. One film critic went so far as to say it was "an unholy hybrid of Bergman and Argento." Could be, to an extent. Nonetheless, Dark Waters is thoroughly absorbing visually as well as in its storytelling. Mariano Baino should be quite proud of this little known gem and I cherish it. Discovering this film is a satisfying experience indeed. By the way, Mr. Baino is a really great guy -- he read this review and contacted me about it. That shows some real class, and I'm glad to have made him happy about my support for this film! According to the information on the DVD's cover, it won the Special Vincent Price Award at the Rome Fantafestival. I confess I'm not sure how prestigious that is, but I am happy that Dark Waters has gained appreciation and recognition!

Reviewed by dbborroughs 9 / 10 / 10

1970's style film redone in the 1990's is a great little lost gem

I stumbled upon this film completely by accident. I had ordered the Japanese film Dark Water and was sent this instead. The retailer told me to keep the film in order to make up for their error. It was a weird thing to have happen, and I figured it must be some cosmic sign, so I sat down to watch it having zero idea what it was about. The plot of this film has a young woman going to a desolate monastery/nunnery in order to find out why her recently deceased father had been supporting it for years. Once there things are far from "normal" and there are many hidden dark secrets, not all of them are particularly healthy for our heroine. This film really knocked my socks off. This is a movie that reminded me of many of the Euro-horrors of the 1970's and early 1980's. You have weird cults, young women, murder, mayhem and monsters. There is a weird tension that comes from everything being ever so slightly off center. You can't help but feel uneasy since you don't know how weird things are going to get nor do you know who is going to end up dead. (SPOILER AHEAD) The only real problem is that even though the movie creates a very real claustrophobic world of religious oppression, with real characters, the film completely falls down in the last minutes when we see the "demon" that has been lurking around, at that point things go right into the toilet. How do I say this? Its worse than a man in a suit. it simply a rubber nightmare that almost completely ruins everything that has gone before. Simply put its on the list of really bad monster costumes. (Think about what happened at the end of the Conan the Destroyer) If you can get past the bad monster and just take the movie for what its trying to do, then you'll enjoy the movie, if you need a perfection you'll love it up to a point and hate the ending.

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