Darkness Falls


Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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October 12, 2020


Emily Browning as Young Caitlin
Kestie Morassi as Nurse Lauren
Sullivan Stapleton as Colin McLaren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huggy_bear 7 / 10 / 10

Come on, it's not THAT bad!!!

Watched this flick late one saturday night, and I wasn't expecting a lot from this one. But I have to say, as I have watched plenty of so called "horror" films or "thrillers" over the years, this one actually pleasantly surprised me. Sure, the acting was not that good, the plot was, well, rediculous, but damn, this movie was a hell of a lot better than that yawner "One Hour Photo"!! This movie actually did scare me a few times. I got more than I expected from this one, and really don't see why it is getting slammed so bad for. Damn, relax people. Sure there wasn't any nudity or any slashing or gore, but if you really have to have blood and tits to enjoy a movie, you might want to check out the "Faces of Death" series there.

Reviewed by lizzieimp 8 / 10 / 10

Had to Turn on the Lights

I saw this movie in the theaters when it came out in 2003 with my then-boyfriend, now husband. My husband is a pretty stoic guy, and because I love and have seen so many horror movies at this point, I'm afraid I'm a little jaded, and have frequently been disappointed when it comes to horror movies that have come out past 1983. "Darkness Falls" delivered the goods. The movie has just enough supernatural to it to be weird and freaky, and the acting, while not terribly good, isn't horrible. I think they showed the monster a little too early, but that's just me. We were terrified. Neither of us would go anywhere in my house without the lights on, and certainly not alone! The sets, lighting and sound effects were so creepy it made my skin crawl. Certainly better fare than some other pathetic excuses for horror movies that rely solely on special effects for creep.

Reviewed by cpf593h 8 / 10 / 10

Nowhere near as bad as the ratings would suggest!

I cannot believe how bad the ratings are for this film. All this film is, ( And it does'nt pretend to be anything else ) is a simple scary old fashioned horror film with a simple plot. And that is exactly what it is! Except that I would add that the Tooth Fairy I think is brilliantly scary and definately creepy. The film too has its creepy elements and the film does build good tension in places. I think what might have helped with my opinion of the film is I watched it on dvd not at the movies and watching the feature about the curse explained things better before I watched the movie. So to conclude, you spoilers need to back off! Not all films are meant to be deep, like the crappy ring. ( thats another story ) This film is good simple fun. Id recommend it!!!!!

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