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Dirk Bogarde as Charlie Hook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jery-tillotson-1 10 / 10 / 10

Darling Julie

I had not seen this film since 1965 when I was a college student but remember how electrifying it was to see a young, charismatic Julie Christie at the beginning of her peak years. She's given some great scenes to show off her multi-faceted personality and she throws herself into the amoral model, Diana, who sleeps her way to the top. I can't imagine any other actress who could have done this without being repulsed by her naked greed and amorality. Christie had an inner radiance that makes her likable throughout this ground-setting import from London. England had become a hot movie center during this era, giving us such phenomenal movies like "Georgy Girl," "women in love," "Isadora," and many more. We can see this movie as a time machine which captures the raw energy of that era as our sexuality began to expand into new realms from the staid values of the past. This is a terrific movie to watch from time to time and watch an early phenomenon begin her golden career.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10 / 10

Often described as a film of the swinging sixties

Often described as a film of the swinging sixties, it of course is nothing of the sort but an important precursor. Even allowing for the lapse between the making and releasing of a film this is vitally, just before. For me the period is 1967 to 1972 and this film released in 1965 has none of the colourful craziness and there really still are youngsters walking about as if it is still the 50s. But never mind this definitely covers the concerns and changing attitudes to personal relationships. It is unfortunate in my view (though perhaps inevitable) that Schlesinger is more interested here in the male characters. Bogarde is absolutely brilliant here and Laurence Harvey who I don't usually like because he seems to stiff is fantastic here in what must be his best role. Julie Christie is fine and looking lovely throughout whilst having to go through far more emotional changes than the guys and there is a orgy in Paris without any flesh visible but where it is the guys taking off clothes faster than any of the girls. There are some marvellous street scenes, London more than Paris and some good ones down by the river near Kew Bridge and Strand on the Green where Christie begins her first affair with Bogarde throwing pebbles into the river. Lots of good stuff but a little overlong because it doesn't quite all hang together as we are asked to agonise of this and that when the issues no longer seem as relevant, never mind that homosexuality would be legalised in a couple of years.

Reviewed by Jugu Abraham 7 / 10 / 10

Christie and the film's script are both stunning

Julie Christie deserved her Oscar. So did the scriptwriters--"Should Popes be ancestors?" And no on-screen sex when the film is considerably about sex! When the lead character becomes a princess one is reminded of Princess Diana's own life. Both are Dianas. A very unusual, complex work from Schlesinger. I did not appreciate the film when I saw it in the Sixties; now I do. What a great year for Christie--this and "Dr Zhivago." The social commentary is hard hitting--young black boys serving snacks and drinks to perverted white adults, the facetious interest of the idle rich in feeding the hungry around the world as the rich gobble food they do not need to eat, of rich princes busy renovating their palace's washing closets.

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