Dashing in December



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Andie MacDowell as Deb Burwall
Juan Pablo Di Pace as Heath Ramos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bugger-17071 10 / 10 / 10

A Charming Christmas Flick

It was a heartwarming, enjoyable movie. That being said, Wyatt was a jerk in 80% of it, but I'm happy he had a strong moment of clarity at the appropriate moment. The film is packed with scenes designed to make your heart melt, specially the homecoming dance date the two main characters go on. It also brings some steam when when they see each other in their underwear, nearly naked. The two leads had a good, believable chemistry in their scenes together. The supporting cast is also composed of really talented, attractive people. Andie McDonnell was so lovely in this movie and I'm happy about the place her character arrived at through her story. Loved the ending!

Reviewed by toddsgraham 8 / 10 / 10

If it isn't old Dasher and Mr. Sugar Cube coming out to play...

I really enjoyed 'Dashing in December'. It is a warm, heartfelt, and engaging Christmas movie, one of the better movies this season. It also gives same-sex male relationships some representation in this genre of film, which is a plus. At the heart of the story is Wyatt Burwall (played by Peter Porte), who works for a Manhattan investment firm. After many years, he has decided to go home for Christmas to the family ranch in Colorado, where he hopes to convince his mother Deb (played by Andie MacDowell) to sell the ranch to one of his investors. While home he meets Heath (our other protagonist in this story played by Juan Pablo Di Pace), the ranch hand who has been helping his mother run the place for the past several years. An unexpected relationship between Wyatt and Heath emerges. From friction to romance, we watch their relationship blossom thru some warm and intimate dialogue on this beautiful and picturesque ranch in Harmony Springs, Colorado. Indeed, one of the strengths of the story/script is the dialogue and exchanges between Heath and Wyatt, discussing their past, their hopes, and their love for the ranch (and the friction at the beginning, of course). There were some weak elements to the story; for example, the fight between the two (that takes place at the dinner table) late in the film seemed forced. That said, the story pulled me in from the start. Moreover, I thought the writer did a pretty good job developing the characters, as I found myself connecting with Wyatt, Heath, and Deb. This is also a reflection of the quality of acting in the film, which was, overall, brilliant. Porte had an impressive, convincing performance on screen. You could see his character develop as the film progressed from a 'Mr. Know It All' at the beginning to a warmer and more caring person towards the end. Di Pace too had a strong performance. It felt authentic, very real on screen. The chemistry between the two was great (believable). Again, the dialogue and exchanges between the two in several scenes made this chemistry work, I thought. The supporting cast was excellent. MacDowell had a very good performance as Deb (the mother). The movie also had quite a festive side as well with some dancing and great country music (some good songs in this film). There were also some beautiful landscapes of the ranch, of the mountains in winter, which added to the Christmas vibe of the film. All in all, it is a refreshing Christmas romance movie, with some very strong acting, a nice new edition to the 2020 season lineup.

Reviewed by clwelcomb-59025 8 / 10 / 10

Thanks for a Nice Change!!!

While the movie was predictable, I simply watched. Very entertaining movie. Andie was great. Thanks for giving us a new view of love and family. The whole cast was warm.

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