Daughter of the Wolf


Action / Thriller

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Brendan Fehr as David Rose
Gina Carano as Carrie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HarryLags 6 / 10 / 10

This film isn't that great, but it's not as bad as they make it out to be either..

Daughter of the Wolf is a new action-thriller film, that stars Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss. Now i didn't have any problem with the movie and it's story, and scenery and cinematography and all that, i thought it was all great. So i don't understand all the negative reviews with all these people, i don't think they have anything better to do with themselves but be negative. But anyway the only problem i had is that there simply isn't enough action as a whole. With a former Mixed Martial Arts star in the lead role, you would expect the movie to be action-packed from start to finish. Instead, there is much more drama and story line which is okay too. Now this film's biggest crime isn't that it is boring - it's that it just doesn't take full advantage of the situation it's in. Richard Dreyfuss's performance - is the movie's biggest highlight. Dreyfuss, really hams it up in his role here. Additionally, the film looks very impressive on a technical level, so it would have been a major disappointment had the movie not at least looked nice And starring Gina Carano, you would think that there would have been plenty of great fight scenes but there isn't anything great. Still i like Gina Carano, and with her presence, and her fist-fighting credentials, hopefully she will land some good action film roles soon. Overall, Daughter of the Wolf isn't that great, Apart from a crazy wacky performance from Richard Dreyfuss as the villain, but it's not as bad as these negative reviewers make it out to be either.. Conclusion - If your a fan of Gina Carano like i am, then i suggest you watch the movie anyway! Rated this 6/10

Reviewed by hesellsmystuff 1 / 10 / 10

Be afraid - be VERY afraid - of wasting 1.5 hours of your life - watching this Hackery.

My God this movie is bad. I wonder if Richard Dreyfuss recently got divorced and is broke - so he said yes to this amateur hack a thon. DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT waste 90 minutes watching this. I got about 15 minutes in and had to stop. Yes - it IS that bad.

Reviewed by heblon 1 / 10 / 10


Film itself is terrible, low budget, bad acting, the story is terrible. The film itself almost sent me off to sleep, the most exciting it gets is a few chases but other than that dnt expect much!

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