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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 10 / 10 / 10

A genesis

With "David Golder" ,Duvivier the great director,the master of the darker side of the human soul was born.It contained the seeds of all that would be developed afterward. Harry-Baur gives a powerful performance of a wealthy Jewish businessman;he is so good that the actresses seem mediocre by comparison. David Golder thinks that money can buy everything;he does not want to help his associate who takes his own life ("I do not care"°;his wife and his daughter live in luxury and would not imagine it any other way:see the daughter stroke the banknotes which her dad won for her.She displays no love,no tenderness,no human emotion at all.Later when she comes back to her desperate father,she will have the same behavior. And then David has a heart attack! The missus is not prepared to accept poverty.While the man is lying on his bed she begins to tell him he may die soon and she has not a Franc to her name.A masterful scene where David grabs her by the throat and almost strangles her with her valuable necklace:"What about that?" he thunders.There's a similar scene in "Chair de Poule" (1963) when Catherine Rouvel tries to worm information from a wounded bedridden Robert Hossein;and Golder's shrew is not unlike Danielle Delorme's abominable mother in "Voici le temps des assassins" (1956) Like many Duvivier heroes ,Golder ,although a ruthless financier ,is still a human being.When he loses the power that gives money ,he thinks that his daughter's love will make up for it.Unfortunately there's no place for love in a world where rapaciousness and greed run rampant. Duvivier's blackness is absolute disembodied blackness.David will go to his grave a broken man .on his death bed,his sufferings are so intense we feel them within our body and our soul. Some people think that there's anti-Semitism in the film .There isn't: Harry Baur's wife was a Jew. Based on Irene Nemirovsky's novel; a writer who sadly was to die in the concentration camps.

Reviewed by brogmiller / 10

"Everyone is in need of money, my friend."

This marvellous film represents a triple 'first'. It is not only the first 'talkie' of director Julien Duvivier but also that of actor Harry Baur, as well as being the first of four films they made together in the 1930's. Of these 'Behold the Man' is the weakest but Baur's appearance as Herod is mesmerising. Even by Duvivier's standards this tale of a Jewish businessman's downfall, adapted from the novel of the ill-fated Irene Nemirovsky, is a bleak and deeply cynical piece in which most of the characters are utterly devoid of the finer qualities. They are by turns venal, rapacious and thoroughly ignoble. Golder is regarded by his wife and daughter as a moneymaking machine and they are understandably indignant when his near-fatal heart attack causes the flow of funds to dry up. He is, ironically enough, shown kindness in his dying moments by a young Jewish immigrant going to Paris in search of wealth who probably reflects Golder as he once was and as he would most likely become. The technical virtuosity is astounding for a film made ninety years ago and the credits include names that are awe-inspiring. Georges Perinal and Armand Thirard as cinematographers with art direction by Lazare Meerson! Bauer was of course a genius on a par with Charles Laughton and Heinrich George and his David Golder is another in his gallery of unforgettable characterisations. Paula Andrial and Jackie Monnier are perfectly cast as his monstrous wife and daughter. Needless to say this film has been labelled by some as 'anti-Semitic'. This accusation is frankly ridiculous and not even worthy of consideration. This powerful piece serves to remind us that the only thing more soul-destroying than the love of money is the lack of it!

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