Day of the Outlaw



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Robert Ryan as Reginald Fenton
Tina Louise as Helen Bricker
William Schallert as George - Bank Vice President
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10 / 10

Day of the Viewer

I like Westerns and here we got one on our hands with a different approach story-wise. In fact this movie does what I look for which is a story within a story making one want to follow the movie and plot screen by screen. Helping this along are the stars and supporting cast doing a great job in making us buy what they are selling no problem. I like the outdoor shoot, the snow, horses, weather and the stark reality of this. Men on the move because they robbed a payroll stop by a town and terrorize it. The thing is this town is out in the middle of nowhere. They soon take-over and there are some tense scenes a coming courtesy of the women being at risk by bad guys that don't give a hoot or a holler except to have a good time and the sooner the better too. Pure animal nature in these men which should remind all who watch that men have work to do until the beast is not only tamed but disposed of. Think: we were made in the image of something better. I like Burl Ives and he does his Westerns justice. The guy delivers as a good or bad guy so you are in for a treat. Robert Ryan can do no wrong either. I like the horses trying to travel in the snow for its realism. The bad guys are trying to get away and we get to see how the gold drives them not the will to survive. The Indians used to comment how these little yellow rocks made white men mad. Here you get a good glimpse of that native Indian philosophy. One of my favorite beliefs that I stand behind is demonstrated in this movie. Never give up your gun...ever! When you do, you no longer have a say so in your own life. Of course the argument that you are alive because you did goes to work as well. You decide. Notice the look on the faces of the women who were forced to dance with filthy, murdering, low down vermin against their will. If looks could kill, the men would be dead. While I was watching this scene, I was reminded that when scheming, evil-based and short on morals and character men who do whatever it takes to get ahead like to spend their money on what decent people spend it on only their guilt won't let them enjoy as men only beasts of the field. You see that today with tyrants, dictators, drug dealers, pimps and thieves. It is not what a man comes to have as much as how he came to have it. Ill-gotten gains gives no peace, closure or satisfaction only the illusion of these things. That point is made in this film as well. Good movie for a sandwich and a tasty drink plus a snack of choice to follow. For added pleasure, watch this with a chill and you will set the mood quite nicely. Enjoy

Reviewed by classicsoncall 10 / 10 / 10

"I guess every fool has his reason."

Interesting to speculate what might have happened if the Jack Bruhn gang never showed up. Blaise Starrett (Robert Ryan) was creating a lot of resentment with his insistence on putting a stop to the fencing on open range land. Given his demeanor, the thought occurred to me that the town of Bitters might have been named after him. Had it gone that way, the story might have been just as grim as the one we got to see. I'm still not used to seeing Burl Ives in a Western setting, even though he's appeared in a number of them. Often as a villain too, as in 1958's "The Big Country". I guess I was too conditioned as a kid by his voicing Sam the Snowman in the TV movie "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"; that's where I think I first became aware of him. I think the story could have used a better explained rationale for the hold he had over his fellow band of thugs and cutthroats. They all stood down when he made it a point, but after a while I began to question why they were so afraid of him. The one casting surprise in the story for me was that of David Nelson as the young outlaw Gene who had an eye for town girl Ernine (Venetia Stevenson). Brother Rick appeared in a few but this is the first time I've seen David in any vehicle other than his parents' TV series. Where the film departs from a more conventional dynamic occurs in the latter part of the story when Ryan's character leads the outlaw bunch on a death march with the complicity of their leader Bruhn, who at that point pretty much knew that he was dying of a bullet wound. Starrett's only hope of making it out alive is borne out when the gang members start taking each other out in an expanded take on "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre". With as many Westerns as I've seen, this is the first one that graphically depicts what a difficult time a horse can have trying to walk through a couple feet of snow. It's obviously not that easy, and something Blaise Starrett might have considered when he stated to Bruhn at one point while on the trek - "None of us are gonna make it".

Reviewed by a.lampert 10 / 10 / 10

Uncompromising, bleak brilliant western

Andre de Toth directs faultlessly here bringing a big surprise to anyone who thought that 1950's westerns were watered down versions of reality. This is possibly the most uncompromising and bleak vision of the old west that I can remember seeing for a film from the 1950's. Brilliantly photographed against a backdrop of snow, hills and forests, with wonderfully composed shots of both actors and scenery, this is a minor masterpiece. Terrific choice of actors headed by tough guy Robert Ryan, folk singer Burl Ives and the beautiful Tina Louise with great supporting actors, Dabs Greer, Elisha Cook Jr, Jack Lambert etc. Great story, unfolding slowly and with completely unexpected events occurring throughout. Just when you think something is going to explode, de Toth holds it all back,racking up the tension to the bitter end. The best western I've watched in years. If only they made pictures like this still.

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