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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by medjai27 10 / 10 / 10

How History makes men and a few men make history

A moving film that focuses both on the public figure and the intimacy of General de Gaulle from April to June 1940. This time period depicts the Frenche Armistice and its inner apparatus leading to the appeal of 18 June. Some key historical and political figures such as Georges Mandel, Paul Reynaud and Marechal Petain are nicely enacted and help to understand the state of play at the time. Dialogues are key here and we follow the first political steps of a young Colonel, promoted as a provisional General, defending its views on France's dignity both admist a hostile and compromised French Government and a wary and concerned British ally. The depiction of the General's family life, both as a husband and a father is elegant and passionate. Yvonne character's is beautifully performed by Isabelle Carré, sensitive and strong, as much combative as her husband. The film follows her on very nicely orchestrated thrilling road trip. But the central character of the movie is their youngest daugther, Anne, born with Down's syndrome. The litte girl is key, impelling both husband, wife and parents to face the realities of war, survival and liberty. The acting little girl is wonderful. Is is noteworthy to conclude that the movie is the first based on the character. A must see.

Reviewed by Partnerfrankreich 4 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good and effective

It is the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's famous "Appeal of 18th June" speech on the BBC and, even though this film originally came out in March, it was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis and has just returned to the cinema literally in time for the anniversary. I was expecting a sort of Hollywood-style hagiography but I was very pleasantly surprised. Lambert Wilson, one of France's finest actors, plays De Gaullle in a very nuanced manner, and you never really can decide whether he is motivated solely by a desire to save France from defeat and dishonor or whether, as his enemies in the film claim, he is guided by ambition and a desire to make a name for himself -- but in either case, he was, like Churchill, the right man in the right place at the right time, symbolizing the determination of at least some French to resist the invader at all costs. Isabelle Carré also does a stunning turn as Yvonne de Gaulle, who for the French public occupied a place similar to that of Mamie Eisenhower. In fact, there isn't a single actor who doesn't do a sterling job in this film, and that goes double for the girl who plays their Down's syndrome stricken daughter, Anne, who steals every scene she is in. The real Charles de Gaulle was no saint - he gave little credit to the efforts of the Americans, British and Canadians in liberating France and considered them as little more than another sort of occupying power, and his undiplomatic, even crude speech in Quebec supporting the separatist movement was an amazing slap in the face of his Canadian hosts. But there is no denying that he was first and foremost a patriot in the true sense of the term, and this film shows him, warts and all, in just such a manner.

Reviewed by gcarpiceci 4 / 10 / 10

A movie which left me with a sense of unfinished work.

I was expecting a lot from De Gaulle, as the underlying story offered a great potential, and my expectations went mostly unmet. The movie does not make the fundamental choice whether to be about the private or the public De Gaulle; as a consequence, we don't gain many insights of the life and psychology of the man nor do we learn much more at historical level. Failing this basic choice, the movie remains at a rather superficial level on both sides and left me with a sense of an unfinished work. It does not help the case that the poor acting performance of the key actors (Churchill is a grotesque caricature of himself). On the positive side, the historical accuracy is good and very good is the photography.

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