Dead Dicks



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timeryderandthechronoteens 1 / 10 / 10


So basically, this suicidal loser (not a dig at suicidal people, this guy is genuinely also a loser) somehow has what appears to be a mix of that hyperdimensional thing from the twilight zone behind his bed. I find many things wrong with this. But worse, it turns out his sister accidentally drank one of his death potions and came back to life herself through the hellgina. Okay, so it works for anyone that dies in that apartment. It also turns out that it goes all resident evil on you if someone dies and is brought back to life while it is birthing a new clone. seriously, the landlord just goes full on murder zombie until he just dies. you would think if there was someone or something at the other end of that hole in the wall, they'd have safeguards against that. And finally, the movie ends with the most disappointing BS ending possible: the sister crawls into the hellgina, and finds herself surrounded by something that has her in stunned silence, but if you ever want to know what it is, no, because that would have been the movie's saving grace. Oh and when she discovered you can't leave the apartment after being cloned, why did she not do the obvious thing and just call the cops? at least the landlord tried to before they stopped him. Oh and he's not "surrounded" by dead copies of himself, he's got like four or five or so dead dupes of himself. And not for long since they hack the bodies up and toss them in a dumpster, which is the stupidest possible thing to do.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10 / 10

Barely a horror effort, features some enjoyable elements but not much

After checking on her confused brother, a woman arrives in his apartment to look in on him only to find a series of his dead bodies lying around the apartment and a strange opening in the wall which allows him to be reborn every time he dies, forcing them to keep it from others. This was a pretty solid and enjoyable effort. One of the strongest aspects here is the rather entertaining nature of exploiting the silly premise without going over-the-top into the ridiculous. Featuring a much more calculated and controlled manner to the idea of him coming back from the hole in the wall each time he kills himself, there's a lot to like with how this goes about introducing the concept of discovering that's what's going on as well as the eventual need for how to press on with their plan of disposing of the bodies lying around which need to be taken care. With the strange portal in the bedroom allowing for the dead to be reborn in the area all over again which is thankfully never brought up or explored in detail and just accepted. Combined with the nice gore and breezy running time, this one has some enjoyable elements. There are some problems with this one. The main issue is the bland and utterly dragged-out pacing that relies on uninteresting storylines to carry itself out. The whole thing about his mental problems just seems to grind the film to a half and inject far too realistic a tone for what is essentially a black comedy about discovering yourself in various parts of the apartment dead the entire time. The conversations are important but they're placed at such spots in the film where it loses the energy and momentum brought about by trying to get the concept going and it's distressing to get that taken away here. As well, that holds back the real out-and-out horror of the premise for long periods making for it not to come across as such at all despite the premise which can turn some off immensely. Otherwise, there isn't much else to this one. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Full Frontal Male Nudity.

Reviewed by mjsreg 7 / 10 / 10

A rollercoaster

Right from the start you never really know which way the story will go. One second there is something incredibly funny, and the next you are taken in to the emotional turmoil of the relationship between brother and sister. The acting is superb by all of the cast, and the story is solid and engaging from start to finish. Well worth seeing.

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