Dead Earth


Action / Drama / Thriller

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February 19, 2020


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LovinMoviesMakinGames 2 / 10 / 10

If you have no taste in women or movies.. this one is for you

I gave it a 2 because of the great camera work. Everything else is horrid. 95% of the movie is watching an uninteresting Lesbian couple walk around what looks like an abandoned resort , occasionally showing some skin. No this is not Zombie Strippers, this is a wanna be romance with mediocre looking women, and ridiculous action scenes. Just bad... just so ... so.. sad.

Reviewed by fad-38798 2 / 10 / 10

Simply terrible.

Admittedly this film is better than I could do. Having no training, no equipment and no cast, but only just. It's a 15 minute story dragged out for far too long. Poor acting, no script, too many 'make a noise and run' scenes and too many scenes where nothing happens. Literally. Might have been a bit better if they had employed a director. Avoid. And if you cannot avoid, keep the receipt.

Reviewed by bgsmoove 2 / 10 / 10

33 Minutes In, Not A Zombie In Sight!

Borefest 2020! Just two cute girls on quiet vacation, showing off their bodies when possible. Waste your time if you want to.. I can't get mine back.

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