Dead Heat


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

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Anthony LaPaglia as Dick Dresner
Kay Panabaker as Lizzie
Radha Mitchell as Dawn Stupek
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mooshoo89 7 / 10 / 10

Far more entertaining than it should be.

Ok, so this isn't a great movie. But, it's entertaining, and the chemistry is spot-on. I admit, I dug the so-so romance between Sutherland and his estranged wife. I found the entire plot, while ill-constructed, fun enough to pass as a really well-meaning movie. It was fun, and the acting was good all around. Being the sucker for saucy fellows that I am, seeing Sutherland as such a good person was rather surprising, but he played it well all the same. I can't say I'd recommend this one for anything more than the channel surfer or the die hard Sutherland fan, but it's got some great moments and a fun little story, despite moments of obvious cheese and silliness.

Reviewed by im_canadian_1 10 / 10 / 10

Hidden Gem!

I rented this movie because I'm a Kiefer Sutherland fan and I was really surprised! It's a really good story. It's cute, funny and original. The actors deliver great performances! There is a love story, an action story and some good laughs. It's about Pally Lamar, an ex-cop whose a bit depressed. To get him back on track his step brother proposes they buy a slow racing horse since Pally loves horses. They make this horse into a winner with the help of a unlucky gambler that's also their horse's jockey. By doing this, they get the attention of some mafia bosses who want the horse. It's an original story definitely worth watching. I definitely recommend it! I will give it an 8 because the plot can be a little far-fetched at times.

Reviewed by poetryforyou05 10 / 10 / 10

Dead Heat "I liked it"

I would have to say I liked this movie, No I am not a couch potato! But I am a huge fan of Keifer Sutherland!! I happen to enjoy him in "different" roles!! He is one of a chosen few that can play "any" role!!! Seeing him in 24, may confuse people do the point that he plays it so well, and no one could play it better!! Even in small roles such as "stand by me" or "taking lives" a small role but a huge impact!! He is one of those actors that a movie can be dull but though he is in it, it is a movie worth watching!! I agree that Dead Heat does not have "blockbuster" written all over it but I understood the story line, A man that had to give up his career due to a heart condition, then he gets a opportunity to live a life-long dream with of course some turbulence on the way, But in the end he got the girl actually 2 and lived happily ever after!!

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