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Reviewed by vei-76421 7 / 10 / 10

An entertaining and original film

My favourite Japanese film is probably Love Exposure. It is fun, meaty and sexy and it is completely different. That is one of the reasons many people adore Japanese cinema: originality. It is exotic, while being entertaining. As you can imagine, it is no secret that as a man I spend money on fun. In this case, fun is women who are attractive and show off their beauty and body. Love Exposure has that. Deadball has that too and I love that part of it. However, in the story there is an element of horror and sadism that you would have to deal with so prepare for it. And of course, baseball, Japanese people and baseball! As long as Japan excites and tingles our senses and does so with this much creativity we will make sure Japanese cinema has a market on this side of the pond.

Reviewed by jibreelzailen 8 / 10 / 10

Simialr to Dead Sushi and Tag...

This film's story is nonsense and can be ignored. BUT this is a film worth watching. I have the DVD and watch it for the cool hard body chicks who are very evocative. Pretty girls flaunting. Even better than Battle Royale.

Reviewed by cdromse 8 / 10 / 10

Hottie Galore

The story is so convoluted your head will pop out. Talk about a sport-horror comedy. However, where they found so many hot bods to put them all in one film is a mystery. Completely out of the mainstream.. Please see the beautiful legs

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