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Charlie Sheen as Richard 'Ditch' Brodie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PeaTearGryfin 4 / 10 / 10

Cage fans should try and seek out his scenes from this movie

OK lets cut to the chase about this movie: the only people who should ever watch this movie are die hard Nicolas Cage fans. Everybody else will be bored out of their minds at this film. Micheal Bein turns in the most lackluster lead hero performance I have seen in years. The talents of both James Coburn and Peter Fonda are wasted in this movie. The only reason that anybody would want to watch this movie is to see Nicolas Cage screaming at the top of his lungs. Howver, all the best Cage scenes are already available online so it is basically a waste of time to track down a copy as Cage is only in about 30 minutes out of the movies 90 minute run time. However, the 30 minutes he is in the movie include some of the most quotable lines in Nic Cage history. The rest of the movie is watching the former Kyle Resse sleepwalking through a modern day film noir movie alongside James Coburn who honestly looks ashamed to be in this movie. Peter Fonda makes a brief cameo that is so short that if you blink you might possibly miss it. In short, check out the scenes with Cage being awesome and let the rest of the movie die off into obsurity.

Reviewed by DanDyXD 10 / 10 / 10

A surreal movie unlike no other

Watching this movie was a surreal experience to say the least, not even close to David Lynch's surrealism in movies but it all strangely works. The Directing is non existent, the dialogue is a homage to film noir while being a parody to film noir, the acting ranges from flat, to decent, to so over the top you wonder if the director was even on set, or anyone for that matter and the story is held together with duct tape and glue and implodes at the films unbelievable grand finale. I get this movie is garbage and the only reason anyone would see it is for a memorable Nicolas Cage performance but somehow and I'm not sure how but apart from the lifeless narration, the tacky villain towards the end who looks like a James Bond reject and the ending that makes no sense it just kinda works. Apart from the action scenes the cinematography is descent, the music while a bit cheesy makes the movie more eerie, the acting from all the main cast is good, and the cons where we'll done as well. While watching it I did want to know what was going to happen next and where it was going even if the ending was garbage and the dialogue while goofy at times just kinda comes together to give this strange little movie that's full of suspense just acting much as it is full of laughs I'd it's worth a watch at least once whether you're a Nick Cage nut or just interested in a strange little movies it's worth checking out to make you're own opinion about it.

Reviewed by Kyle Reese 10 / 10 / 10

Biehn, Cage, Sheen, Coburn = why did this not work?

The answer is that the film just looks so cheap! It's tacky! The finale 'shoot-outs' are awful, accompanied by some very bad extra's. Biehn was perfectly suitable in the role, it is a shame that he had such a bad character, with bad dialogue. Nicolas Cage is terrible as Eddie, he is nearly inaudible! James Coburn is great, and has a genuine chemistry with Michael Biehn. The ever-reliable Charlie Sheen is once again reunited with Biehn, the pair had built up a good rapport filming Navy Seals. But the film is just really bad, and I was so disappointed. Sarah Trigger (who?) is ok, but nothing special. The action lets it down, as it's too cheap. The music is terrible, really tacky. This is an ever-popular concept, which games like Grand Theft Auto have excelled in, but this film just wasn't good. The money must have been spent on the cast. This was the first 'deadfall' in Biehn's career, luckily he was still cast in Tombstone later that year. You can't blame him for this movie, "Hey Mike, we're going to put you in the starring role of a movie by Coppola, with Nicolas Cage, Talia Shire, James Coburn, Charlie Sheen, oh and Peter Fonda as your support cast." You'd be silly to have turned it down. Disappointing.

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