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Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas Nickleby
Eric Bana as Frank
Kate Mara as Summer Jones / Wonder
Olivia Wilde as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nobody-27 2 / 10 / 10

Deadfall? More like dead weight

To give this movie a proper negative review, I'd have to explain all the problems with it, but that would mean spoilers... All in all, this is supposed to be a crime thriller with some psycho-drama mixed in. What it really is, is a pretentious piece of trash aimed at the lowest common denominator - people who are willing to forgive poor story and shallow, poorly created characters, for few sex scenes and some violence. I am not one of them, so I hated it. But to try and explain: - The film starts with a robber reminiscing about what a perfect home would be... as they are on the run from robbery they just committed. Am I the only one who finds this terribly unbelievable if not contrived? Just because you want to add some "depth" to your character, you are making him talk about his dreams and childhood while running from the law? - Then, the same character who starts of as cold blooded criminal becomes an outright psycho. Why? Because the film would fall flat on its face if he did not. It also helps to forget that the entire ending makes no sense all things considered. (they were on the run, remember?) - There are people falling in love, just like that. Actually, there is a reason: without it, there would be no excuse for a sex scene and those "hot" lines that the female protagonist utters... must be every teenage boy's wet dream or something... (albeit, Olivia Wilde was quite good all things considered) - So many convenient "accidents": they run into another shady character, and his house, and another important character, and few others, and they all get together... and it all happens just like that. One "lucky" incident after another. But it all leads to more violence, so all is good, as long as we get our dosage of violence, we should forget how we got there. - Hardly anyone has any motivation for anything. Horrible writing. Father hates his daughter. Girl is hated by her colleagues. Sister is abused by her brother. A guy is angry at someone just like that. On and on and on. I guess those immature kids who carry loads of anger due to abandonment issues will love this, but more sensible people will be left wondering. Those are just some of the more basic problems. Beyond that, there are plenty more both plot-wise, story wise, character-wise, setup-wise... All in all, a perfect example of how not to make a film. If it were not for few decent performances and few decent scenes (which were few seconds long) it would have been 1 star (or zero, whatever is lowest allowed).

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 1 / 10 / 10

Nothing really sticks with you in this movie

Olivia Wilde is eternally grateful that her brother killed her abusive father, yet, at the first chance of having a boyfriend, she kills that same brother, while there are obvious alternatives (like, shooting him in the leg). The brother is ready to set her loose into possible death in the cold, yet, when he finally finds her again, he seems to not want to let her loose at all. The boyfriend is this winner of the Olympic medal, who was tricked into doing something bad and then take the fall for it. You know, there's a certain level of abilities needed to get that far, especially in boxing. Yet, when he gets out of jail, he's completely overwhelmed with some aimless rage and thirst for revenge and falls head-over-heals for the very first girl he meets, who's obviously quite beside herself. And, let's be honest, not even that hot to loose your mind over - sure, some guys may like Olivia Wilde and her interesting eyes, but, she's just not the type of girl to wear the cocktail dress all that well. There's a lot of similar things with other characters, but they are less important, so don't want to spend time on them. Basically, the same inconsistencies are all around. Oh, yeah, and they succeeded in making Kate Mara not look cute. That's something, I guess. On the plus side, it's decently acted, has a good flow for this type of a movie. You won't be bored. But, you'll be left with a lot of "what the hell"s, so... why bother?

Reviewed by Khun Kru Mark 1 / 10 / 10

Not a spoof of the fifties "Road To..." series.

Pretty boys and girls pretending to be bad! This horribly misguided snow-yarn is another grim reminder that Hollywood makes films for themselves and not audiences. It's La La land at its most self-absorbed! The story is basically about an ex-con ex-boxer, a male model killer with designer stubble and a half naked tart with a heart. Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, and Sissy Spacek have no issues with trashing their reputations by agreeing to take part in this poo-fest. The theme is father-son issues and/or father-daughter issues, both played out in the warm snow. Nothing makes any sense and all the cops are idiots apart from the girl cop. This is because the screenplay was written by a 13-year-old girl on her first period and it relentlessly portrays all men as cowardly, retarded, sexist clowns and vewwy vewwy icky!. The tart, Liza, seems unphased by the subzero ice and snow as she robs banks and marches about the supposedly freezing scenery in stockings and a sexy nightgown. Later she guns down her brother because she fell in love with some crybaby ex-con the day before! Yup, a spoiler... but then this thing was spoiled the moment it got released to an unsuspecting public! The three Stooges had more plausible plot lines than this treasury of mistakes and absurdities. Producer (and pudgy face of elitist limousine libtard politics) Mark Cuban, would have shouldered the blame for this MST3K fodder but the chip on his shoulder takes up all the room. He hasn't got the awareness to remove his name from this awful mess and that sums up his judgment on all things! It should have been renamed "Road To Canada" and re-cast with the corpses of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. They wouldn't have stunk as much as this lot did! Kate Mara as the midget policewoman was nice to look at so the minimum one star goes to her, I guess.

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