Deadly Daycare


Drama / Thriller

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Bryce Johnson as Daniel
Christy Carlson Romano as Pearl - Age 14
Kayla Ewell as Jen Crowe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 2 / 10 / 10

Accidents Will Happen

A nightmare awakens sexy brunette mother Kayla Ewell (as Rachel). The bloody accident in her dream turns out to be a big part of Ms. Ewell's "Lifetime" TV drama. Ewell lives in a huge and luxurious home, with her precious three-year-old daughter "Mia" (impersonated by sisters Ariella and Isabella Nurkovic). Heartaches in the household arise when Ewell's estranged husband Bryce Johnson (as Daniel Miller) calls his former home. A relatively poor city attorney, Ewell says he can't afford to keep paying for the expensive house and cars. Ewell is miffed. This means she must go to work. Gasp... So, the demanding mother goes back to work. She's a courtroom sketch artist in, in cases with Mr. Johnson. They're officially separated, but not yet divorced. He wants to get back together with Ewell, but she refuses due to his cheating past. While she's working, Ewell, must put her doll-like daughter in daycare. It's preferable to hiring a nanny, which Ewell thinks would be a nightmare (and another movie). Doting daycare teacher Christy Carlson Romano (as Gabby) seems nice, albeit a trifle too personal. The title "Deadly Daycare" suggests things will go wrong, and they do... Writer-director Michael Feifer should have received more support and advice in this effort. Someone with knowledge concerning special needs children and daycare facilities might have been helpful. The characters are incredibly stupid. Dumbest move may be when a central character places a "hidden" surveillance videotape camera in one of the daycare "cubbies" (where the kids keep their balls and books). That's really not the best hiding place in a classroom. One recess, and the camera's kaput. The little actresses playing the little girls are very cute, but they should be doing something else. ** Deadly Daycare (2014-11-29) Michael Feifer ~ Kayla Ewell, Christy Carlson Romano, Bryce Johnson, Tyler Rice

Reviewed by phd_travel 1 / 10 / 10

Entertaining Lifetime thriller

This Lifetime thriller is quite good. The story is plausible and avoids irritating things that quite often plague made for TV thrillers. A courtroom artist (Kayla Ewell of Vampire Diaries) going through a divorce from her husband (Bryce Johnson) puts her little girl in day care when she returns to work. By coincidence the teacher (Christy Carlson Romano) there was involved in a horrific car accident with the woman and her husband years ago and lost her own child. So she decides she wants the little girl for herself. The story doesn't get unbelievable and that makes it watchable. Christy's performance is above the usual Lifetime thriller standard as she starts getting more and more unhinged, and her pain of losing her child is convincing. The car accident scenes are well done. The acting is good throughout. The little girl has a strange smile on her face. Overall entertaining and worth a watch.

Reviewed by eaglesally 1 / 10 / 10

Morally reprehensible

What a ghastly film. We'll leave aside the necessity for all the female characters to have long, twirly hair, black eyeliner, size 0 clothing and plumped lips and move swiftly to my main criticism. A young, WASP attorney kills a child, paralyses the father, sends the grieving mother into madness and nearly kills his own unborn child, when he crashes headlong into oncoming traffic whilst 'talking on his phone'. This is deemed to be a complete accident; indeed, the culprit states to the grief stricken mother, that 'the police told me it wasn't my fault'. Throughout the entire film we are asked to empathise with this callous criminal and his (admittedly blameless) wife as the mother seeks to replace her dead daughter by stealing the offspring of the murdering driver. Her madness is evident and, as it progresses, she causes the death of a colleague who has identified her problems and is about to tell the authorities. Whilst I don't condone this further tragedy, I take issue with the filmmakers, who seem to have reset their moral compass through 180 degrees as they lionise the selfish, unfeeling, perpetrator of an awful, life changing event and demonise the true victims. By the end of the film one family has a disabled father, confined permanently to a wheelchair and a mother in prison - or an asylum - for many years (or possibly on death row), having lost their only child. The other family (who have reunited after having separated following the father's infidelity), are happily living in their palatial home, complete with swimming pool and enjoying profitable employment as a prosecuting attorney and a court artist while their blonde, blue eyed daughter lives on. I know with whom I identify as victims in this scenario.

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