Deadly Manor



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnson50 6 / 10 / 10

Not bad at all

Contains Spoiler I took a chance on this one and bought it anyway. It turned out to be really quite good, despite the plot being old and predictable and some of the acting just a bit dodgy. There are some quite nice touches:the smashed up car as a memorial, naked pictures of Jennifer Delora all over the house (and well worth seeing!), the hitch hiker who turns out to be a red herring. Also your stock 'stupid teenagers' who aren't at all put off spending the night in this 'abandoned ' house (with no broken windows) by coffins in the cellar, bottled scalps in the cupboard, yesterday's paper in a chair and lights left burning. Nevertheless quite an entertaining, cheap film and far better than many that cost much more to make. Worth a look.

Reviewed by REDdog-1 7 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Good!

I was not expecting much when I rented this from my corner store. I rented it anyway because I'm a huge horror movie fan. Most of the time when I rent crappy looking films, they turn out being crappy. This time I lucked out. This movie was really, really good. The plot is nothing new but it is very fast paced and suspenseful at times. The acting is good too. Give it a look if you see it. It is surprisingly enjoyable. A lost gem that deserves more attention.

Reviewed by justin22 7 / 10 / 10

Could have been worse.

Something about this movie makes it highly watchable, although it's totally unoriginal and probably came in 5 years too late at best for the whole slasher movie phase. The plot: six friends and a hitchhiker end up stranded at a remote mansion while a mystery killer prowls around the group and slashes their throats one by one. If you can make it past the opening, where clues like an altar on the front porch, coffins in the basement and scalps on the mantle fail to warn these idiots to leave, then you can make it all the way through, and some surprising plot twists and shocks toward the end are what I'm recommending.

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