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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kbbfly 1 / 10 / 10

Like a missing episode of Black Mirror

This movie is so horrifically bad I honestly thought it must be a missing episode of Black Mirror and there would be a twist that was going to make it make sense. Unbelievable any money was spent to make this.

Reviewed by dariencaitlinm 10 / 10 / 10

Who rated this 10 stars?!!

How this movie even got a 10 star review is beyond me. Must have been paid to write anything positive about the film. For starters, the main character always has a blurring filter on his face when it's an up-close scene yet there are many times they forgot to fix the shots so you can see the acne not only on his face, but also his neck and body. I don't know why they didn't just cast a guy that had clear skin instead of having to put a filter on his face 90% of the movie. The acting of all the characters was either over-dramatic( the teacher) or lacking (main character and girlfriend). I don't know why the producers thought this was a good film to actually release. Seriously, who watched the final film and thought anyone would enjoy this? Unless it was meant to be a comedy. The girlfriend moves on from the main character pretty fast and goes running back to him when she gets dumped. And he accepts that? Not only that, but even after his mom told him what a psycho the teacher was he proceeds to TELL HER that he's leaving her and go pack his belongings as if she's gonna let him just walk away. What a complete idiot! This movie doesn't even deserve 1 star. It's so awful! Waste of time to watch unless you have absolutely nothing better to do than stay at home and binge watch movies on netflix. Even then this wouldn't be a top pick for me.

Reviewed by aporcha 10 / 10 / 10

I hope this was meant to be a comedy

Well for starters He looks nothing like a model lol and U can tell his skin is jacked but for every close up his face is photoshopped. Funniest thing on Netflix. The acting is super lifetime-ish but a tad worse

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