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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asifahsankhan 9 / 10 / 10

"Bad Deadpool - Good Deadpool Film!"

If anyone else could be cast to play Deadpool, he certainly doesn't exist in this universe. After Ryan Reynolds's dramatic failure in the Green Lantern film, he has returned to the comic book world. Reynolds is absolutely phenomenal as the foul mouthed, and witty anti hero. I mean he is just superb! He completely owns the role, and gives a fantastic performance. If Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man, then Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. He is also such a liveable character, and by the end of the film, I genuinely cared about Deadpool. I never thought I'd say that. All of the performances are great. No one holds a candle to Reynolds, but I will say not one person was miscast here. Deadpool is a unique film, and a huge gamble. Both Marvel and the studios bringing us this film took a major risk. This is a beloved character, and his world is very different than other Marvel films. Right off the bat, this film is consciously self-aware. It knows its a comic book film with comic book characters, and it actually exploits it. Many times, Deadpool turns to the audience and tells us what we're all thinking. It was so different, and it worked so very well. The narrative itself is also different. It's very non-linear. The events of the film don't play out in a normal straight narrative. One of the trademarks, nay, the trademark of Deadpool is his sense of humour. This film is by far one of the most hysterical films I have seen in some time. The writing is so perfect, so sharp, and so full of witty banter, and thankfully, it all works. Not one joke, that I remember, fell flat. The film had me laughing constantly; from the opening credits, all the way to the after credits scene. As for the action, it's also very satisfying. Many action films today are butchered by terrible camera work. For whatever reason, many modern action films are using shaky cam. Instead of clear, steady shots, the DP will go hand held, and shake the camera violently. The worst example in recent memory of this is, Taken 3. Thankfully, there are films like this, and others, that know exactly how to do a good action scene. Director Tim Miller and cinematographer Ken Seng do a brilliant job creating slick, good looking action. Not only is the action brutal, and extremely bloody, it's just co clear and well handled. The fights are really great here. I couldn't help but be reminded of Tarantino's, Kill Bill films while watching Deadpool. They are incredibly similar in their style of fight scenes. Sitting in the cinema, the inner critic in me struggled internally. I kept thinking afterwards about the film. What were the flaws? I don't often see a film without pointing out the negatives. Even films I really like, or even love, have flaws. I'm certain that if one sits and picks this apart, you will eventually find some flaws. Perhaps the overall story is paper thin. Perhaps the villain wasn't very compelling as character. Then again, Ajax was honestly serviceable. Ed Skrein gave a great performance, and by the end, you really hate the bastard. He's a generic, or a dick, British villain and the film makes fun of that! "Deadpool" and Guardians of the Galaxy were both huge risks that ultimately paid off, big time. As a film, it's nearly perfect. The film does exactly what it needed to do, and more. It introduces Deadpool, sets up his character, and gets you to like him if you didn't already. The non linear narrative was refreshing to see in a superhero film. Everything about this film was different and unique. It's self awareness and breaking of the fourth wall work well; really well. The direction is great, Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, and the script is fantastic!

Reviewed by rambofan4life 6 / 10 / 10

Bad-ass action film with humor and bloody action i have ever seen

Deadpool is a damn good bad-ass action film in the MARVEL comic book section movies I have seen. The film is rated R with blood squibs, filed with explosive action, I love this film from end till end, it is one of my favorites. It has jokes and humor I was laughing, the same time I enjoyed a bloody action sequences. In the opening scene you have a bad-ass action sequences in which Deadpool jumps in too van beating thugs. On a bridge is fantastic sequence in which Deadpool has only 12 shots in his IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX gun and he kills bad guys one by one while mercenaries are firing at him with machine guns. The best thing is the Ajax's motorcycle mercenaries use the Heckler & Koch MP5K against Deadpool firing thousand rounds on him dodging Deadpool's gun firing bullets at the motorcyclist. Maximum Effort is a bad-ass theme for Deadpool that is why I enjoy the film so much for the action and humor. Ryan Ryanolds know how too make a good movie. Deadpool bullet countdown scene awesome in which he counts bullets before he kills bad-guys he shots with one bullet a mercenary in the grenade causing explosion bad-ass. This is a bad-ass action film but it is also an origin story about Wade Wilson how he become Deadpool. The movie isn't about superhero who has a nice life or is rich or billionaire no Slade Wilson is poor he has a hard life. He has to earn his money with hard work. He is an ex special forces operative now a criminal as an mercenary helping youth people like he save a young girl from a stalker a real stalker yes he was mean he still saved a young girl of course he was paid. He meet his girlfriend who is a prostitute and he lives normal life until he finds out he has cancer because he doesn't want to die he accepts invention for faculty for experimental treatment for his cancer. He is taken to Ajax and Angel Dust, who inject him with a serum designed to awaken latent mutant genes. They torture him until the faculty prison doesn't explode caused by Wilson while Ajax stabbed him with an iron stick Wade Wilson survives and promise revenge on Francis Freeman / Ajax (Ed Skrein) Honestly one of the best rated R action films I have seen. I absolutely love Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Deadpool he Is a bad-ass in this movie not only he jokes but he acts really believable. Love his character I love the action sequences. Gina Carano is in this movie and she is a bad-ass the fight sequence between her and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) is excellent in the movie. Stefan Kapicic who provides the voice for Colossus is excellent right from the comic book his character. Brianna Hildebrand is Negasonic Teenage Warhead she is likable her character is a good superhero Character. Ed Skrein as Francis Freeman / Ajax is a great psychopath villain who tortures innocent people with his experiments until Deadpool stops him. Morena Baccarin as Vanessa as a good love interest of Wade Wilson. I love the ending sequence in which Deadpool recruits Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to help him fight against Francis Freeman / Ajax and Angel Dust that is a bad-as action ever, love the rescue mission on Vanessa. Tim Miller directed perfectly this movie that I had blast watching it. The action sequences in this movie are completely insane that is why it is so good film. I would gave this movie a 10 but the song Chicago You're The Inspiration by Berracelik in which Vanessa lies and you see some animated animals and that song plays that scene ruined the movie for me, sounds from "The Karate Kid Part II" The Glory of Love - Peter Cetera that is why I hate that song in this movie, that is why I gave a 9 which is a good score. The soundtracks could have been better in this movie, there Is neither one soundtrack that I like in here. The rest of the film I enjoy and I love it. It is fast paced and goes quickly around. Just too let you know this isn't the greatest film of all time, the best one, but it is a damn good action film I recommend it.

Reviewed by Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer 6 / 10 / 10

Highly over-praised. Not a complete trash, but barely okay.

"Deadpool" is a very fun movie. After the characterization of Deadpool I saw in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", I never wanted a Deadpool movie. I got one. It didn't disappoint. But at the same time I feel it is one of the most over-praised movies of all times. I don't hate this movie at all, but at the same time, I don't like it either. The majority of it is entertaining. What works? First and foremost, the character - Deadpool. This hilarious and goofy badass merc with a mouth is something I really liked. His jokes, punchlines and fourthwall breaking humor lands perfectly. Secondly, the non linear storytelling. If this movie had a linear storytelling, it wouldn't have been half as entertaining as it is. Thirdly, the hilarious character moments and slapstick comedy. The character interaction between Deadpool and some of the "X-Men", and Francis, and Dopinder, and Negasonic are funny and entertaining - sometimes involving some slapsticky things which are grose and graphic but solely due to Deadpool's mutation, makes it funny. The fourth wall break - take this element out, the movie is totally incomplete. Action scenes - pretty good, especially the first one. But that's all I liked about it. What bothered? A lot of things. It takes too much of liberty, due to the fourth wall breaking elements it has. It uses a number of movie clichés of the superhero genre and mock them by breaking the fourth wall. That surely is hilarious, but doesn't change the fact that the movie had a lazy writing. Also the plot is a typical superhero origins stuff, a little more romantic, though. None of the plotlines were exciting or intriguing. It felt good just because of the way the character Deadpool was written. Else, every one of them were simply clichéd materials. It felt as if we had to accept whatever was shoved down our throats and we had all the fourth wall breaks to cover it up. That felt like an overconfidence in the part of the makers. Also, one particular scene involving Deadpool and the villain feels too stretched. If it wasn't there, we won't have a third act. Why are people intentionally looking over these? I am completely surprised to see a bunch of people saying this is the greatest superhero film ever. It isn't bad, and doesn't suck. That's all. I can name a whole lot of superhero movies much better than this - "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Spider-Man" (2002), " Spider-Man 2" (2004), "Logan" (2017), "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018), "Deadpool 2" (2018), "Captain America: Civil War" (2016), "X-Men: First Class" (2011), "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (2014), "X-Men" (2000), "Batman Begins" (2005), "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012), "Unbreakable" (2000), "The Avengers" (2012), "Wonder Woman" (2017), "X2: X-Men United" (2003), "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017), etc. So, I absolutely don't feel that it being called "the greatest superhero film" is apt. In the end, it is essential to say that Ryan Reynolds is absolutely great as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. No one should replace him as Deadpool. It gets a "B-" and a "6.3/10".

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