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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dgrove-4 2 / 10 / 10

Just because you own a camera doesn't mean you should use it.

Just because you own a camera doesn't mean you should use it. My wife is a Christmas nut so I've seen my fair share of Christmas movies, this is the first one I've felt compelled to write in about. This movie delivers the cinematic experience you'd expect from bad porn without the porn to make it worth watching. If you're looking for a fun family Christmas experience, you'd be better off taking turns vacuuming the living room. The few hints of potentially fair acting (it's Christmas so I feel compelled to be charitable) were buried by the primarily teleprompter-esquire dialog delivery, speaker-phone quality audio, late 70's sound track, grade school Christmas play effects... Someday I'd like someone to explain the funding behind a movie like this. Go do your taxes, you'll have more fun. This was someone else's write off.

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 1 / 10 / 10


Review Date 3/4/2018 PLEASE BEWARE OF SOME REVIEWERS THAT ONLY HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. I HAVE OVER 400 REVIEWS OF "CHRISTMAS RELATED FILMS & SPECIALS" WHEN ITS A POSITIVE THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. NOW I HAVE NO AGENDA! I REVIEW MOVIES & SPECIALS AS A WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN! I HAVE DISCOVERED MANY GEMS IN MY QUEST TO SEE AS MANY " C H R I S T M A S " MOVIES AS I CAN. Now Someone keeps reporting my reviews. I guess they are jealous because I do tell the truth. I want to point out that I never make snide remarks about actors weight or real life sexual orientation. If there acting is terrible or limited "I talk about that". If a story is bad "I will mention that" So why am I being "picked on"? IMDB? When one of my reviews gets deleted IMDB will not even tell me what someone found offensive. Well on to this review. In this movie Gordon Covington (D.L. Green) doesn't get to spend enough time with his family because of woes associated with his job as a used-car salesman. Work pressures keep him from family obligations, and he even misses Christmas with his wife and kids. His lack of caring about his family sends out a red alert to "The North Pole" and one elf is determined to reset Gordon's life. Now all of this sounds good but it was poorly made. The acting was "terrible" and the overall plot feels forced and unnatural. Skip seeing this

Reviewed by endent 1 / 10 / 10

So bad it's almost comical...almost.

Dear Santa (Secret Santa)…with a weak plot, dodgy acting and the worst special effects since a 1970s film, this is one to avoid. Gordon (DL Green in his last acting credit) breaks a promise and neglects his family during Christmas. Stuck selling stolen cars over the holiday period, his wife (Debra Rich) and son (Harrison Myers) leave him to the life he so obviously wants. After being visited by a perky elf (Tena Fanning in her only acting credit), he transforms into one of many 'secret Santas' who help Santa do his job. One kidnapping and a trip to the North Pole later and he's learnt his lesson. You might be forgiven for thinking that this is just some cute, harmless Christmas film; and what's wrong with that, you may ask. I would reply 'nothing', but I would also riddle you this…what's right with it? The opening is slow and dreary, as are the majority of the scenes, and some of the music is more suited to The Notebook. The acting pains, physically pains my every sense; it's so unbelievably bad it's almost comical, but it's mostly just sad. Even those with few lines manage, somehow, to say them in the most unrealistic way possible. The plot is perplexing, the script confusing and unnecessary, and even a talking owl can't save this pariah of a film. The only thing that can save this strange, but disappointing mix of The Santa Clause and A Christmas Carol is Debra Rich, but even her acting is dodgy in the beginning; her best scenes coming 20 minutes in. But don't waste 87 minutes of your life like I did. Take a nap, rob a bank, run naked in a field…anything but watch this film.

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