Dear Santa



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Amy Acker as Lois Lane
David Haydn-Jones as Zachary Rothschild
Gina Holden as Carmen Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carolfs 8 / 10 / 10

"Sleepless in Seattle" meets "Legally Blonde" meets "Arthur"

Somehow, despite the formulaic plot (rich, but nice, girl about to be cut off from family money unless she becomes more responsible (i.e. married and productive), finds widower whose child is seeking a new wife for him, while using knowledge of high fashion and society's upper echelon to overcome obstacle of snobbish former girlfriend attempting to work back into widower's life), this is a delightful story that actually works well. The characters interact in a relatively believable manner, so even though we can pretty much guess at how it will end within the first five minutes, it's fun to watch it play out. I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Reviewed by DaysofOdumba 9 / 10 / 10

Better than you'd think!

Formulaic, cheesy, cliché'd and wonderful. Maybe it is all of the afore mentioned, but it is Christmas! Surprisingly well cast with Amy Acker stealing your heart as the rich girl gone good, and a nice turn by Haydn-Jones as the love interest. Gina Holden is excellent in the evil queen personage and Olivia Gowan is not allowed by director Jason Priestly to over act (which is sometimes the problem with made for TV productions) and she does wonderfully. Appreciative nods also must be given to Peter Creery in the role of matchmaker... A sweet movie not to be taken seriously, and something you can watch with your child or your girlfriend.

Reviewed by koolmeme 9 / 10 / 10

The Meet Cutest!!!!!!

Love this movie. Plot is totally predictable like 90% of every other movie in the IMDb. Widower dad adorable daughter wants Santa bring daddy new mommy spoiled rich girl finds letter to Santa yadda yadda ... But who cares? Great execution by everyone involved. Amy Acker lights up every scene. Jason Priestly smartly keeps the camera on her most of the time. The father/daughter pair are cast perfectly and play off of each other well. The antagonist girlfriend hits just the right note. The LGBTQ character plays beyond stereotype effectively. Production values are passable. Hard to imagine a better Hallmark/Lifetime-like movie.

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