Dear Viola

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10 / 10

Dear romcom fan, this one has lots of familiar elements and themes but you will like it

Katie (Kellie Martin) is a demure accountant who once dreamed of other life pursuits. This would be becoming a writer. But, alas, this single lady took care of a sick mother many years and didn't make time for anything but job and home. Now, her mother has passed away and Katie has a secret crush on a widower at her church. Meanwhile, most of the town folks in their seaside village grab the newspaper every day to read the local advice column called Dear Viola. As one of Katie's bookkeeping clients is the newspaper publishing firm, she is often at the office. One day it is clear that the talented lady who has penned this lovelorn piece for years is retiring. Here's Katie's chance, perhaps! She secretly authors a sample of her own take on Dear Viola and the editor gives her the job! But, one of the first letters she receives at the paper is obviously from the widower she admires. This man, Russ (Jefferson Brown) loves his young daughter, Meredith, but is wondering how to move forward with his little gal in mind. Katie offers terrific advice, especially on opening up his heart again. Yet, wouldn't you know it, a new blonde comes to town and captures Russ' attention before Katie has a chance to get close to him. Even though its obvious that this woman is not a good match, what will Katie do now? This lovely film has many familiar elements and themes. One is the "mousy" lady in glasses and conservative clothing who is invisible to the man she admires until she changes her appearance. It's tried but still true. Then, too, the secret identity of an advice writer is always fun. Other items to enjoy in this little flick are the cast, which is fine, the coastal setting, the ethnically integrated community, the sweet script and the surefooted direction. Are you longing for a romcom night with tea and cookies? Dear fan, this is a nice choice for your evening's pursuit.

Reviewed by phd_travel / 10

Fairly charming

The message of this story has been done before but this movie still is watchable. Will a single father choose the pretty but superficial woman or the plainer woman who actually is nice and caring to this daughter? Of course you can guess what the outcome will be. The lead actress Kellie Martin who writes an advice column is unknown to them advising the man she cares for (Jefferson Brown). The only thing wrong with the premise is that it assumes a single dad who isn't that good looking would be such a catch. This is one of those Hallmark movies that doesn't have a very beautiful cute cast but is actually quite well written and directed. Worth one watch.

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