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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10 / 10

One of the weirdest films you're ever likely to see.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats is without a doubt one of the weirdest horror films I have ever seen. It's not just the plot that astounds with its sheer surrealistic nuttiness, but also the execution: the avant-garde direction, the strange music, the kooky performances, the random editing, and the echoey voice-over from the spirit of an artist trapped behind a painting, all of which go to make this a real one-of-a-kind off-the-wall movie. Told in four chapters - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Just Desserts - the film revolves around a bed that devours anyone and anything that comes in contact with it. The bed - created by a tree demon in the form of a breeze - came to life when the woman the demon wished to seduce suddenly died. Over the years the bed, which occupies an abandoned house, has claimed many victims, dissolving their bodies in the acid that sloshes around under its sheets. One of these victims was the aforementioned artist, who, imprisoned behind his own work of art for 70 years, bears witness to each and every death. When three young women arrive at the house, the bed begins to feed again, starting with cutie Suzan (Julie Ritter, who gets nekkid before being eaten), followed by Diane (Demene Hall), who might have escaped if it hadn't been for those pesky prehensile bed sheets. The third girl, Sharon (Rosa Luxemburg), is spared, because her eyes remind the bed of the demon's dead maiden. Crazy moments include the bed consuming an apple and regurgitating the core, Suzan dreaming of eating bugs, the bed devouring an orgy, and an eyeball rolling around the sheets, but for my money the most memorable scene is when Sharon's brother stupidly tries to stab the bed and finds himself wrist deep in acid, the bed dissolving the flesh, leaving him with skeletal hands that start to break apart as the cartilage wastes away. With bonkers stuff like that, I happily recommend the film to fans of bizarre cinema, even if, truth be told, it isn't really all that good.

Reviewed by elsiagoddess 4 / 10 / 10

This movie is INSANE! and I LOVE IT!

I was told to watch this by some friends. Usually they don't lead me wrong and this one was no exception. I put it on late at night with my sister. We were half tired and not sure we could even get through it but five minutes in when the bed start eating the apple we just laughed forever lol. I mean this bed was hungry! It didn't stop there. It was one classic scene after another. If you like insane movies about mattresses watch this one! What the hell was that yellow goop?

Reviewed by atinder 4 / 10 / 10

One think for sure, this is original.idea! )

" I am not really sure, what to say about this! With title like that, I thought it would be funny horror, it wasn't at all, it had serious tone It was very strange, most of movie was very silent. There were just handful of scenes, Peolpe spoke, they were very short. Which I thought was good idea as when they dd speak, it felt forced and makes the bad acting more noticeable. This movie also had flashback of black and white. I think they were just to waste time, to fill the short run time. One think for sure, this is original. " Very strange movie!

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