Death Machines


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 3 / 10 / 10

Red Buddha

Madam Lee (Mari Honjo) who is fun to listen to, creates three zombie "death machines" using a serum. She kills other assassins and corners the market on assassins for hire. A witness is left alive who proves irksome. Not well acted. If you use a bazooka to kill people, do you really need zombies? One assassin drove an inconspicuous white Vette. Guide: No F-words. Implied sex. FF nudity

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 1 / 10 / 10

Kill Them All Action - Lame!

Another one of the Mill Creek films: from their Sci-Fi Invasion 50-Pack. I consider this one the filler films - ya know the movies to fill out the pack just to make sure there are 50 movies in it - and not because it's actually a Sci-Fi or a fairly okay film. This film is not Sci-Fi so why is it in the Sci-Fi pack? This is an action film. This non-science fiction, pure action film really stinks. All I saw was some people in the beginning that looked as if they are in beginning martial arts and some really dumb sounding dialogue so I hit the fast-forward button to watch the rest of the stupid film. What I saw was trucks crashing, bulldozer running people over, a dude with a rifle, more dudes with guns and some more beginner martial arts moves. That's really it besides some ugly clothing and hairstyles. 1/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10 / 10

Zero budget, zero talent, zero interest

In the history of bad cinema, DEATH MACHINES must rank up there as one of the worst flicks of all time. US-set kung fu movies had a pretty poor run in the 1970s, and this is the worst I've seen yet. Once again, the primary reason for the awfulness is the utter lack of budget, which renders all of the action sequences appalling. This is a film where somebody crashing into a stack of beans is a top stunt moment, and where a rocket launcher hits a guy and blows sand over him (?!). The only possible interest somebody could ever have in this film is watching the director trying to pull off all these action scenes without a decent budget. He tries hard, which is the only redeeming quality. The idea of three non-speaking killing machines is interesting, but it turns out that the guys (one White, one Black, one Asian) don't speak purely because they're rubbish actors! Marchini went on to star in more dreck like NINJA WARRIORS but was never very good, although Michael Chong is the best of the bunch. The finest actor in the film is Ron Ackerman, playing a police detective shoehorned into the proceedings. The worst actor is Mari Honjo, the Japanese villainess, whose delivery of dialogue is the most intensely irritating thing in the whole world. The action scenes are poor and one of them, an attack on a dojo, plays out with virtually no sound effects! It's like watching a silent movie! The blood is coloured water and the one-handed hero never does anything heroic. The director tries to incorporate lots of '70s staples into the movie, like bar-room brawls, kung fu schools, car accidents and somebody getting chucked off a building (incredibly the car he lands on isn't dented) but the only decent bits are the bullet hits and the blowing up of a real plane. Watch out for the green-faced black police chief and the hilarious showdown in a hospital corridor. Some scenes seem to have inspired THE TERMINATOR...

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